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Tandoori festival at Tiffin Room

From 5 to 19 January, Tiffin Room presents Tandoori Festival, a multi-course dining experience that pays tribute to the classic North Indian cooking method of using the tandoor. Dine amid the charm and heritage of one of Singapore’s oldest North Indian restaurants as Chef de Cuisine Kuldeep Negi showcases his in-depth culinary skills and decade of experience cooking with the tandoor.

Quintessentially North Indian wood-fired cooking, the time-honoured craft of tandoori gastronomy is a meticulous and delicate process which requires years of practice to attain mastery. It involves intuition, detailed knowledge and experience to perfectly grasp the interplay between timing, ingredients and techniques.
Tandoori Festival offers a plethora of flavours, distinct aromas, and textures that can only be achieved by using the charcoal-fired traditional clay oven, which provides complete wrap-around heat. This slow-cooking process adds an accentuated smoky note and allows for in-depth flavours from the marinade to infuse seamlessly and evenly into the skewered produce as oil and spice meet the embers.Delectable Appetisers Beckon

Begin the gastronomic experience with the popular street snack, Bhel Puri Cone, crispy puffed rice infused with tamarind chutney, for a tangy, crunchy treat. Thereafter, look forward to tantalising creations from the tandoor, showcasing the versatility of flavours and textures achieved with this ancient culinary technique. Malai Salmon Kebab presents grilled Norwegian salmon marinated with cheese and yogurt, while the vegetarian menu offers Jimikand Galouti Kebab, a kebab of soft yam and sweet potato. Both courses are served with a refreshing side of quinoa and basil chutney.

Discover Tantalisingly Smoky Main Courses

Continue the exquisite epicurean journey with Kalmi Kebab, tandoori-grilled chicken thigh complemented with masala green peas and sesame seed chutney; Angara Kebab Chilli Naan, tender lamb loin cubes marinated with piquant green papaya paste and accompanied with spicy naan; and Jhinga Jaitoon Seekh Kebab, a delectable kebab showcasing freshly grilled minced prawn and red snapper, paired with bell peppers and spiced bread.

For guests who opt for the Tandoori Festival vegetarian menu, Chandi Paneer Kebab presents flavoursome Indian cottage cheese stuffed with chopped nuts and marinated with yogurt, cardamom powder and a customised blend of garam masala. Other delectable vegetarian delights include Barwah Shimla Mirch, smokey stuffed capsicums served with warm spicy naan; as well as Bhutte Jaitoon Seekh Kebab, an enticing combination of sweet corn and minced green olive kebab served alongside bell peppers and spiced flatbread.

To enhance the tandoori-focused dining experience, a curated variety of North Indian specialty breads are freshly prepared and also cooked in the tandoor.

A Sweet Conclusion

While cooking by tandoor is not usually applied to sweet treats, Tiffin Room’s Tandoori Festival dessert is masterfully created using the traditional clay oven, a fitting way to complete the dining experience. Tandoori Grilled Apple Jalebi with Coconut Kulfi showcases sweet green apple jalebi that is baked in the tandoor to develop a smoky hint, before it is fried and presented with refreshing homemade coconut ice cream on the side.

For guests looking to elevate their gastronomic experience, a wine pairing option consisting of cuvees specially handpicked by Raffles Hotel Singapore’s sommeliers, is available at S$98++ per guest.

5 to 19 January 2023
Lunch: 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Dinner: 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Open daily

Raffles Hotel Singapore, 1 Beach Road, Singapore 189673
(Located at the Main Building, accessible via the main hotel entrance)

Dress Code:
Casual Chic (Dress shorts are allowed during lunch; no slippers or flip-flops)


Tandoori Festival Menu: S$128++ per guest
Tandoori Festival Vegetarian Menu: S$108++ per guest
Wine Pairing: S$98++ per guest

Available for both lunch and dinner.

To view Tiffin Room’s menus, please click
For all enquiries and reservations for dining experiences at Raffles Hotel Singapore, please call +65 6412 1816 or email at [email protected].


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