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Can Cyspera Intensive System reduce dark circles around my eyes?

I have dark circles around my eyes, the result of long hours before the computer and lack of proper sleep. Will Cyspera Intensive SystemTM, Scientis’ revolutionary three-step treatment for hyperpigmentation, work?

I am before Dr Komathy Rajaratnam at her The Lifestyle Clinic at Camden Medical Centre. She is one of Singapore’s most renowned doctors in aesthetic medicine.

The Medical Director explains what hyperpigmentation is.

I learnt that it is a condition where darker patches or spots appear on the skin due to an overproduction of melanin, making skin tone look uneven.

It is a common condition which afflicts many and is one of the main dermatological concerns for millions around the world.

Though harmless, pigmentation disorders may cause some people to feel anxious or self-conscious about their appearance.

“Asians and people of colour are more prone to hyperpigmentation as their skin tends to produce more melanin,” said Dr Komathy. “Indians suffer from this issue a lot.

“Almost all Indian men have pigmentation disorders, most of them on the forehead. It can occur anywhere in the body. But you know what, Indian skin is the most difficult to treat in the world.

“It is very sensitive to the sun. Indians have a lot of melanin. All you need to do is injure the skin slightly, and all the melanin will come up. That’s why if you have a cut or something, you have a brown mark or a black mark that never leaves you.”

I decided to test out Cyspera Intensive SystemTM because Scientis is a pioneer in dermo-cosmetic technology and provides revolutionary treatments for skin pigmentation concerns.

I researched and found out that traditional treatment for hyperpigmentation, like the use of formulation containing hydroquinone, is not suitable for long term use due to adverse effects.

In 2012, Scientis developed technology which successfully stabilised Cysteamine, a naturally occurring compound which can reduce melanin synthesis by more than 80%.

In 2019, when Scientis launched Cyspera® 5% in Singapore, the product quickly became the first non-hydroquinone option for treating hyperpigmentation.

I was confident that, with its team of medical professionals and novel dermo-cosmetic researchers and investments in research, Scientis’ newly-launched Cyspera Intensive SystemTM will work wonders as it is a non-hydroquinone treatment for hyperpigmentation.

Marcus Tan, COO of Scientis APAC, had already assured me: “The unique formulation in Cyspera Intensive SystemTM has clinically proven efficacy and a high safety profile which can easily be used by those with hyperpigmentation as part of their routine beauty treatment. Our tagline – The Power of Skin Clarity – signifies our mission to help every individual with pigmentation problems restore his/her self-esteem and natural beauty.”

Interestingly, Cyspera Intensive SystemTM is formulated with the proprietary Cysteamine Isobionic Amide ComplexTM, which, along with Cysteamine, provides  three powerful synergistic effects for improved pigment correction and skin health.

According to independent clinical studies, Cyspera Intensive SystemTM evens out skin tone as early as four weeks after use, including 42% improvement from baseline in pigment correction. It was also well tolerated by all individuals.

Self-assessment data by patients showed the following results:
* Brightening: 81% noticed improvement in skin complexion and 71% found their skin more radiant and luminous
* Skin Health: 84% found their skin smoother and 77% felt their skin was visibly healthier
* Neutralise & Rebalance: 77% felt that the cysteamine on skin was neutralised and 90% felt their skin was re-balanced
* Quality of Life: Patients’ quality of life significantly improved within four weeks.

Dr Komathy, who has been practising aesthetic medicine since 1993, told me that hydroquinone, which is called bleaching cream, is very effective. But the  only issue with Hydroquinone is that you can’t use it for too long because some people will develop irritation with the cream.

“For many years doctors have been looking for something as effective as hydroquinone but not toxic at the same time,” she said. “That’s when Scientis came up with Cyspera Intensive SystemTM. It is very effective when dealing with pigmentation like the one that you have.

“In the old days doctors used only hydroquinone because it was the best to deal with hyperpigmentation. Now with this Cyspera Intensive SystemTM we have an alternative. It means that we can begin treatment with hydroquinone and after the person has lightened up he can be put on Cyspera Intensive SystemTM. So the bad effects of hydroquinone will not continue.”

I asked Dr Komathy, who specialises in hyperpigmentation, especially on tanned skins, how Cyspera will work in my case.

“Basically it is a component system that goes in and stops hyperpigmentation,” she said. “There is a cycle in how the cells get pigmented. It will disrupt that cycle so that the cells do not get pigmented. So the amount of pigment load in the skin is reduced and it gradually lightens.”

Will I face any discomfort while using Cyspera Intensive SystemTM?

“The only thing is that you might get irritated,” said Dr Komathy. “If your skin feels sensitive, then you need to just stop for a while.”

For how long will I have to use it?

“Dark circles in Indians are genetic,” she said. “It’s forever. So, initially the treatment has to be steady to lighten the skin tone. After that, it does not have to be a daily affair.

“Not every cream is suitable for the Indian skin because they start reacting. Cyspera Intensive SystemTM is safe on the Indian skin.”

I started using Cyspera Intensive SystemTM on July 4, 2022. Let me see how effective it is or will it work at all. I will keep you updated.

Cyspera Intensive SystemTM is now available in Singapore and Taiwan. The system will be launched in other countries in Asia-Pacific, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam in the next few months.

Cyspera Intensive SystemTM is available for purchase as a set at S$399 at selected clinics in Singapore.
Visit to find the nearest authorised clinic.

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