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U-Hair treatment enriches scalp, eliminates dryness, tension and odour

As we age, our skin develops wrinkles and fine lines. This is normal and we take steps to ensure it is not sagging or make us look old.

But there is one part of our body which most of us usually ignore: The scalp. This area actually sees more premature ageing of the skin than the rest of the body.

The ageing of the scalp is chiefly seen in its inability to maintain healthy follicles. My problem I understood is that my hair is thinning, which is caused by a dry scalp.

I took my issue to the professionals at U-Hair, located at Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

There, hair stylist Darren Yeong seated me on a nice chair in front of a mirror, examined my scalp and told me clearly: “If you don’t take time to ensure that you have a healthy scalp, how will you have shiny, healthy hair?”

He explained that my scalp is dry, there are flakes around the hair follicles which will soon turn into dandruff and my hair will stop growing or fall off.

I don’t have itchy scalp but my hair sometimes falls in clumps, which I can see on the bathroom floor.

I asked him to suggest a treatment.

He suggested Viege from Japan which has introduced a new range of anti-ageing haircare products.

Darren then explained that Viege offers a scalp care range personalised to different conditions.

Containing nutritionally-rich vegetables, Viege has anti-ageing properties that conditions the scalp and hair to ensure a supple scalp. It helps regain volume and elasticity, revitalising the hair into its youthful state. The formulation of each treatment is tailored specifically for each person’s scalp condition.

I told him to start the treatment.

Viege Scalp Treatment  

Step 1      
Darren cleanses my scalp and hair gently by using Viege Shampoo to removing unnecessary sebum, metal ions and odour. This shampoo also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

I have to mention that its lather is very fine, a texture I have never experienced before. I also loved the cooling sensation I felt on my scalp. It was so relaxing.

 Step 2      
Darren had declared earlier that I have dry scalp. And so the hair stylist washed my hair used the Viege Soothing Suppli on me.

It is a moisturiser that contains okra and polysaccharides, broccoli and celery extract and five types of herb essence: Tilla cordata, chamomile, rosemary leaves, purple root and glycyrrhizin acid 2K.

This application totally refreshed my scalp.

Step 3
The hair stylist then conditions the scalp with Viege Base Suppli to make it plump and healthy. This serves to create fullness by lifting the hair from the roots.

The ingredients in Viege Base Suppli are phytopolyamine and tomato and lettuce extract.

Step 4
Darren applies Viege Hair Treatment Volume to strengthen my hair.

Its nano-sized cortex and plant-based CMC reinforcing ingredients penetrate thinning hair and strengthen them from within. The main ingredient, Burdock root extract, restores suppleness and elasticity.

He finally applies Viege Medicate Essence on my scalp to activate the cells and promote the flow of blood.

This adds volume to the root and can eliminating dryness, tension and odour. It also helps grow thicker, stronger and healthier hair.

I enjoyed the 90-minute scalp treatment. It was one of the best I ever had. The scalp felt clean and fresh and I felt all the impurities were removed.

Anti-ageing solutions

One session of Viege Treatment is priced at S$318, before GST.

It is a treatment that provides anti-ageing solutions to the scalp and hair, with the use of ingredients such as Chia seed oil, Quinoa seed oil and Pistachio seed oil. It targets the hair, providing both a natural bounce and suppleness to the ends for better manageability.

The menu is simply designed to create beautiful, bouncy hair. The treatment itself combines keratin, cystine, collagen and elastin with a platinum nanoparticle to create a cortex reinforcing ingredient which penetrates the hair and supporta it.

While the components help the cuticle layers to stick closely together, they also provide support to the cuticle and restores its elasticity.

I was also stunned by U-Hair’s avant-garde, technological-driven salon, which helps its staff to provide the best services.

It removes the concerns we face when we visit a hair salon – haircuts that are too short, hair perms that may not suit our face shape and vibrant colours that may dull our features. It ensure that the style we picked out won’t turn out to be diffrent.

U-Hair’s new outlet at Jurong Point is the first hair salon in Singapore to have its mirrors installed with JiNG, a realistic augmented reality experience that uses patented technology to precisely map and analyse data and provide customers with accurate and personalised hair recommendations in real life.

JiNG transforms mirrors into new spaces to display information, animation and other forms of content that are both interactive and AI-powered. The integration of smart AI mirrors allows a seamless consultation for hair stylists and consultants to communicate effectively and provide more accurate details based on age, lifestyle, dress sense and more.

JiNG can also store information about the hairstylist and his portfolio which he can share with customers.

I was also impressed that U-Hair has installed the Takara Belmont Luar salon chairs that combine first-class comfort with superb operability and enables the hair stylists to work smoothly and efficiently.

The chairs are compact and equipped with a full flat reclining mechanism that helps distribute body pressure during shampooing and relieves stress on the

U-Hair also uses the Takara Belmont Yume Oasis backwash unit, which provides more comfort and create private time, space and freedom.

U-Hair, established in 2021, is located at Jurong Point Shopping Centre, 1 Jurong West Central 2, #02-20F, Singapore 648886.

It occupies 968.75 sq ft, has eight seats available, 1 VVIP room, which showcases both the premium automated chairs and backwash units, and three basin


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