The Horse’s Mouth – best secret bar in Singapore

Even the concierge at Forum – The Shopping Mall does not know where this bar is located! It takes quite a lot of digging and asking to find out where The Horse’s Mouth is located.

Down the escalator to B1 and then too there is no signboard. Only a board showing a list of Japanese menu. You have to slide open a darkly-shaded door to peep in and locate the bar.

But your trouble will be worth it.  The Horse’s Mouth is a typical, hidden Japanese speakeasy that serves seductive concoctions and fusy bar bites.

Ideal to take your girl there and coo into her ears. Or to hold that hush-hush meeting with your biz partner. If the ambience won’t loosen her or him up, it will be the bespoke drinks. Intimate, clandestine, dark… these are the looks that identify the bar well.

There are only about 15 tables available. Choose a cosy corner, away from the glare, which is minimal. Only the bar is illuminated by cubist-style lantern lights.

The good thing is do not settle for just Japanese malts and whiskies. The mixologist can whip some incredible compositions using artisan sakes and spirits, fresh fruits, herbs, and infusions.

You can tell the bartender your favourite flavours and needs. And the mixologist will then create something bespoke based on your tastes. It usually turns out fine and what you asked for.

Order fresh sushi, sashimi, ramen and fried and grilled bites too. I especially liked the mentai cheese balls.

Try out this bar. It will leave your girl impressed and she may just unlock herself! Or it could get your buiz partner to sign that billion-dollar deal!

The Horse’s Mouth, 583 Orchard Road, Forum the Shopping Mall (enter through Uma Uma Ramen at #01-41).

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