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Singapore Badminton Stadium to reopen as KFF Badminton Arena in August

The Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) has announced that the historic Singapore Badminton Hall will be renamed the KFF Badminton Arena and reopen its doors on 9 August 2024.

With its rich legacy and significant contribution to the sport over the years, the iconic venue has been meticulously restored and will mark a new chapter in Singapore’s illustrious badminton history.

Originally constructed in 1952 for the Thomas Cup, the former Singapore Badminton Stadium on Guillemard Road has witnessed countless thrilling matches and pivotal moments, including Singapore’s first badminton gold at the 1983 Southeast Asian Games.

With the support of Sport Singapore and the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, the SBA has successfully reclaimed and refurbished the former Singapore Badminton Hall since its closure in 2008.

In recognition of the KFF’s significant support of the SBA, the venue has been renamed the KFF Badminton Arena. The badminton hall within the estate will retain its original name, Singapore Badminton Stadium, honouring its rich history and countless achievements achieved within its walls.

Cindy Karim, Principal of the Karim Family Foundation, expressed her enthusiasm: “We are proud to support the SBA and to have the Karim Family Foundation included in the arena’s name is a tremendous honour for us – one that fills us with pride and gratitude. We look forward with genuine excitement to the future of KFF Badminton Arena and are eager to continue our close partnership with the SBA.”

The SBA has committed approximately $5 million to refurbish the KFF Badminton Arena to transform it into a dynamic community hub. The arena will feature diverse food and beverage options alongside fitness and wellness facilities.

The Singapore Badminton Stadium will feature nine badminton courts and seating for up to 1,300 spectators. Additionally, there will be three premium air-conditioning courts available for public and corporate booking.

With a focus on enhancing the players’ experience, the newly revamped Singapore Badminton Stadium takes meticulous care in every aspect, from the specially selected flooring to anti-glare lightings.

This state-of-the-art facility serves as a pivotal element in our mission to elevate Singapore’s sports infrastructure and enrich the badminton experience for players and fans across the nation.

SBA’s longstanding partnership with JK Technology will see the leading IT company equip the KFF Badminton Arena with cutting-edge technology through an investment of close to $3 million in the venue’s technological setup.

The Singapore Badminton Stadium will feature cutting-edge amenities, such as live streaming capabilities and two large LED screens. It is also equipped with auto-tracking PTZ cameras that autonomously track gameplay, delivering dynamic coverage with minimal human intervention.

Eugene Ang, Managing Director of JK Technology, highlighted the significance: “Through our substantial investment in the technological setup of the venue, we are not just future-proofing the badminton courts but also elevating the standard of sporting facilities in Singapore. The combination of heritage and technology at the Singapore Badminton Stadium will set a new benchmark for sports venues, demonstrating how innovation can enhance the sporting experience for all involved.”

In tandem with infrastructural enhancements, the SBA is also expanding its community outreach efforts through initiatives such as the Badminton Promotion Centre, fostering inclusivity and a vibrant badminton culture in Singapore.

The KFF has indicated its ongoing support of the SBA and its various initiatives by committing an additional $2.25 million over the coming years.

Alan Ow, CEO of the SBA, remarked: “The renaming and reopening of the KFF Badminton Arena signify a proud moment for the Singapore Badminton Association. This revitalised venue celebrates our rich history and sets the stage for a vibrant future where community engagement and excellence in badminton will continue to thrive.”

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