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Citadelle Gin’s Rouge expression now available in Singapore

Citadelle Gin, the first artisanal French gin, introduces the latest addition to its permanent range, Citadelle Rouge, to Singapore. A true celebration of the French tradition of distilling seasonal fruits, Citadelle Rouge (41.7% ABV) is created from Citadelle Original Gin, with the addition of rhubarb, cranberry, blueberry, raspberry and blackcurrant, to provide a fresh red fruit flavour that perfectly complements the dry profile of the 19 signature base botanicals.

Despite the name – Citadelle Rouge, with ‘rouge’ translating from French into English as ‘red’ – the gin is a clear colour and does not have any sugar added to the recipe; the sugar comes only from the natural fruit.

Honouring the natural ingredients that go into it, Citadelle Rouge is not sweet, pink, or artificial in any way. The infusion and distillation process extracts the aromas of the pungent fruits and metamorphoses them from vapours to a pure, transparent spirit that sings with flavour.

Citadelle Rouge builds on the dry gin profile of the original gin with an intense burst of lusciously tart berries, underscored by the tang of piquant rhubarb. Fruit-forward, but all-natural, this red fruit essence glows on the palate but remains crystal clear in the glass.

“I was inspired to create this gin by the smell when my wife was making berry and rhubarb jam – it just transported me back to my childhood when my grandmother made preserves from the nearby orchards,” said Alexandre Gabriel, the creator of Citadelle Gin. “I wanted to learn from the techniques, passed down through French families, of distilling fruit to create spirits that are enjoyed throughout the year and really capture the naturality of the fresh fruits.”

Gin lovers can elevate their drinking experience at home with these three easy-to-make cocktails. An indulgent and refreshing Rouge & Tonic is made by adding 45 ml of Citadelle Rouge into a highball glass with ice, and top up with Yuzu Tonic Water before garnishing with 1 fresh raspberry.

A zesty Rouge Collins sees 50 ml of Citadelle Rouge, 15 ml of sugar syrup and 25 ml of fresh lemon juice shaken together, before being poured over ice in a highball glass topped with soda water, and garnished with a lemon peel. For a Spritz ‘n’ Berry, add 40 ml of Citadelle Rouge and 20 ml of Raspberry Liqueur to a wine glass, topped with sparkling wine and fresh mint for garnish.

The intense red fruit flavour profile is set to make it a favourite among bartenders around Singapore as they serve the spirit in a variety of classics such as a Clover Club cocktail. Patrons may find them at CU bar, Mandala Club, SO France, Alleybar, Set of Six, and Potato Head Singapore.

Citadelle Rouge retails for SGD89 and available for purchase at The Providore Singapore, SO France Singapore, as well as online at


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