55% of Singaporeans look to the stars for love guidance

A nationwide survey conducted by
Bumble, the women-first dating app, revealed a rising trend of astrolove playing a big part in Singaporeans’ love lives. Coined by Bumble, the trend astrolove sees people looking for dating compatibility according to star signs.

Gemini season is upon us ?, and with that, we have entered a season of openness and curiosity, creating opportunities for new connections, experiences and ideas. We will also be witnessing the full Strawberry Moon shining at its peak on 21 June.

Symbolising love and purity, there is no better time for singles to actively connect with the possibilities for romance as we prepare to reset our hearts and minds for the remaining half of 2024.

This is an apt reference to the upward trend of astrology being used by Singaporeans to decipher and navigate their love life. If you are a sceptic, you might be surprised to hear that this trend is more common than you think. Results from a recent survey by Bumble revealed that more than half of Singaporean singles (55%) look to astrology to guide their love life*.

Here are some observations on how Singaporeans are using astrology in their love life

*Singles tapping on astrology to suss out potential partners
Currently about one third of Singaporeans are into reading people’s star signs (28%)*. With astrology achieving more mainstream visibility in recent years, it seems that it has now become an interesting way to learn more about a potential partner.

*Men also likely to believe in star signs
It is interesting to note that based on Bumble’s survey, half of the men (51%)* agree that astrology is relevant to their love life, with 22% liking to read people’s star signs, but not consider it a determinant. It seems astrology is for everyone!

*Millennials place more importance and significance on astrology
A millennial thing? Millennials use horoscopes, star signs and astrology to explain their behaviour in dating and relationships (15%), more so than Gen Z (10%)*. Close to one in 1 in 10 millennials will go as far as avoiding certain star signs that would not make a good match when dating (12%) and treat incompatible star signs as a dealbreaker (10%) as opposed to 10% and 6% respectively in Gen Zs.

*Finding your star-crossed match
On Bumble, you can use Basic Info Badges to share your star sign with potential partners. Some of the most popular Bumble Profile Badges in Singapore include “Star Sign”**. With a Bumble Premium subscription, you can even filter potential matches by their Star Sign!

According to Bumble, people in Singapore who add the Star Sign badge to their Bumble profile experienced 118 per cent more matches in a month on average, compared to users who did not use the badge**. Libras on Bumble were also the most lucky in love. They had the most matches of any star sign, followed by Scorpios and Virgos.

Commenting on this trend, Lucille McCart, APAC Communications Director at Bumble, said: “The rise of astrolove is a sign that singles in Singapore are constantly searching for ways to both understand themselves and assess compatibility with potential partners. Discussing each other’s star signs is a fun and casual way to get to know each other, and opens the conversation up to learn more about your match’s interests, values and personality. Try using Bumble’s astrolove features to see if it helps you discover what is written in the stars for you!” 

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