The BIG BAD WOLF online book Sale extended to March 14

In conjunction with International Women’s Day on 8 March, The BIG BAD WOLF Online Book Sale will be extending their book sale till 14 March 2021! Avid book readers can expect newly added bestselling titles to the already huge collections!

A specially-curated page in tribute to International Women’s Day offers visitors a wide range of thought-provoking and inspiring book titles on classic and contemporary works for total immersion, providing every woman the opportunity to browse and get her hands on the juiciest reads. The BIG BAD WOLF Online Book Sale will be a different yet delightful one!

The BIG BAD WOLF Online Book Sale will be adding a new page with 4 categories — For mothers, Women Empowerment, Inspiring Female Authors and From him to her — dedicated to all the powerful women out there. For the selfless mothers, the BIG BAD WOLF Online Book Sale has books on what to expect on your pregnancy journey, how
to become the best mother you can be to tips on raising and disciplining your children.

The inspirational books are great for motivation when you need that extra boost during your down moments. There is nothing more empowering than reading books written by successful women. These books will give you the wisdom you need, the cure for broken hearts or career advice to stay positive in life.

If life is getting stagnant during this period, the BIG BAD WOLF Online Book Sale has an amazing collection of fiction and romance books written by best-selling female authors like J.K Rowling, Nigella Lawson and Enid Blyton, when you need a dose of adventure, drama and cooking tips.

“There are countless incredible women out there that have lots to offer in this world. Some are philanthropists, politicians, teachers, entrepreneurs, mothers, doctors, and of course writers! Every role that a woman chooses is important to her and she is dedicated to fulfilling that role,” said Jacqueline Ng, Co-Founder, BIG BAD WOLF. One of the inspirational women I look up to is the accomplished and iconic Oprah Winfrey. Despite her tremendous success, Winfrey still remains humble by becoming an altruistic philanthropist, who gives back to the community. During this International Women’s Day, let us
celebrate women’s achievements together and take action for equality to create an inclusive world for everyone.”

Women have shown to excel in leadership roles due to their emotional intelligence. With the ability to listen, understand and empathise, they have great communication skills to  influence, guide and nurture people. Women also tend to value relationships above everything else, which means they are great at maintaining relationships with their family, friends, employees, customers and everyone else.

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