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The Air-Flex Pants that unwrinkles itself

Bottoms Lab, a work-leisure menswear essentials brand, has launched the Air-Flex Pants, chinos that is meticulously engineered for life on the go
and designed to give you everyday pants with tomorrow’s features.

Chinos have always been favoured for their comfort and versatility, with modern designs banking on tech-centric features to supplement this. Bottoms Lab designed the Air-Flex Pants using stretchier material, more breathable fabrics and wrinkle-resistant properties to ensure they’re equal to any task and ready for every challenge you can throw at them.

In other words; it’s the flexibility of joggers with the look of slacks; cool comfort of shorts with the protection of pants; relaxed fit of sweatpants with the accents of chinos.

Omni-stretch material

Dubbed as “4D fabric”, Air-Flex pants were designed to provide maximum mobility with optimum comfort by incorporating 4-way stretch material that flexes in any direction. This means less restriction and less resistance as you go about your day.

Buttery smooth feel

The brand new pants feature a careful blend of cotton and spandex to achieve a premium texture to the touch. On top of smoothness, Bottoms Lab also developed
the fabric to be extra-breathable to provide a cooling and airy feel throughout your day.

Wrinkle-reversing fabric

Smooth to the touch, and also smooth in its natural state. The Air-Flex Pants actively removes creases and releases crumples when you hang them overnight*.
That’s right — no wrinkles with no ironing thanks to the wrinkle-resistant capabilities.

Magic waistband

These pants also give you the perfect fit without a belt with an elastic waistband and hidden drawstring. Instead of the traditional design, Air-Flex Pants’
waistband is smooth and seamless to avoid causing red marks on your skin — ensuring a comfortable fit no matter your body type.

Bottoms Lab Air-Flex Pants are available in Black, Khaki & Jet Blue from 25 October onwards.

Bottoms Lab

Bottoms Lab is a clothing company that develops workleisure menswear essentials that enable modern professionals to do more with less resistance. Through innovative fabrics, high-quality materials, ergonomic design, and timeless style — their goal is to elevate the standards of men’s basic apparel to improve every man’s quality of life (no matter their lifestyle).

In other words: Exploring what menswear essentials can be, to develop what it should be.

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