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MetLife Enjoy Whole Life Plan offers protection up to age 120

MetLife Hong Kong has announced the launch of its brand new MetLife Enjoy Whole Life Plan designed for affluent and high-net-worth individuals, offering life protection up to age 120. Featuring high guaranteed life coverage and guaranteed cash value, along with growth potential, this plan is an effective legacy planning solution for growing assets and building lasting financial security for future generations.

MetLife Hong Kong has also launched MetLife Amass Savings Benefit, an optional rider attachable to MetLife Enjoy Whole Life Plan, to fulfill the needs of customers with a greater focus on wealth accumulation. This optional rider further boosts the growth of their legacy through competitive, long-term returns.

Vincent Chan, Head of Product of MetLife Hong Kong

Vincent Chan, Head of Product of MetLife Hong Kong, said: "As a customer-centric company, MetLife Hong Kong has always kept a close eye on market trends and customer needs, and we respond to those needs by developing innovative and quality solutions. In view of increasing awareness and the need for legacy planning, MetLife Enjoy Whole Life Plan, along with MetLife Amass Savings Benefit, are designed to help customers lay strong foundations to preserve, protect, grow and pass on their prosperity to future generations with greater control, flexibility and coverage over a longer time span."

MetLife Enjoy Whole Life Plan is a unique lifelong protection product. Key features include:

  • High level of protection - This plan offers high guaranteed life insurance coverage. Customers can enjoy life protection and a terminal illness benefit up to age 120.
  • Greater control over legacy allocation¬†- Customers can allocate the life benefit to specified beneficiaries in their preferred way. With the flexible settlement options, they may also choose in advance to allocate the life benefit in a lump sum payment, or to customise a distribution schedule so beneficiaries receive a fixed or variable instalment at regular intervals. Distribution schedules may be as long as 30 years.
  • High flexibility - Customers can choose from two life benefit options at policy inception, so they can benefit from the one that best matches their financial commitments and needs.
  • Preservation and growth of wealth - This plan offers guaranteed cash value, annual dividends (non-guaranteed) and a terminal dividend (non-guaranteed) to grow the legacy. Customers may also cash out some of the accumulated cash value to fulfill other financial aspirations.
  • Customised to individual's needs with savings top-up option - Customers may choose to top up the savings by attaching MetLife Amass Savings Benefit to enjoy additional guaranteed cash value, annual dividends (non-guaranteed) plus a terminal dividend (non-guaranteed) to build on their amassed wealth.

Chan said: "At MetLife Hong Kong, we are committed to constantly delivering solutions that meet our customers' needs and provides them with greater value. Discerning what truly matters to these affluent and high-net-worth individuals forms the core of our product design and appeal. As our customers' trusted adviser, we fully understand that each of them has unique goals. Therefore, we have developed MetLife Amass Savings Benefit as a savings top-up option tailored for customers who have a greater focus on increasing their affluence by unleashing the growth potential of their wealth - without increasing the sum assured or the premium for MetLife Enjoy Whole Life Plan. This innovative integrated approach enables customers to fulfill a range of other financial goals such as early retirement, all without sacrificing the life insurance coverage and legacy to be passed on to further generation."

MetLife Enjoy Whole Life Plan and MetLife Amass Savings Benefit are denominated in US dollars, with a one-time premium payable in a lump sum. It is available to the insured person between the ages of zero and 70, with a sum assured of MetLife Enjoy Whole Life Plan starting from US$500,000.

For further details about MetLife Enjoy Whole Life Plan and MetLife Amass Savings Benefit, please visit:

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