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McDonald’s new Popcorn Caramel line-up

This Chinese New Year, McDonald’s treated customers in Singapore to an all new line-up in its dessert series: Popcorn caramel soft serves, sundaes and McFlurries exclusive only to dessert kiosks island-wide.

They are given an array of soft-serves to choose from:
Popcorn Caramel cone (S$1), Popcorn Caramel Twist cone (S$1) that’s one-part popcorn caramel and the other McDonald’s classic rich Vanilla, and the chocolate-coated Popcorn Caramel Chococone® (S$1.20).

As with pervious iterations in McDonald’s dessert series, the line-up also features variants, including Popcorn Caramel Hot Fudge Sundae (S$2) and Popcorn Caramel McFlurry® (S$3).

As the name suggests,  the Popcorn Caramel McFlurry® does hold a buttery caramel after-taste and the creamier, smooth texture definitely makes it a cut above the regular soft-serves. Sticking with the basic
Popcorn Caramel cone is recommended to enjoy the new flavour solely to its fullest.

As for the hot fudge sundae, the popcorn caramel cream was completely whitewashed by McDonald’s wholesome, rich chocolate fudge. Disappointing really, as it was the most attractive item displayed on the menu.

A similar story can be said for the Popcorn Caramel McFlurry®, where the popcorn caramel flavour was lost in the blitz of crushed Oreos.

When I first came across the signs, it lacked that “wow” factor, unlike McDonald’s past creations and it reflects in the flavour.

The popcorn caramel flavour definitely could be made stronger but it’s still a solid dessert that’s a bang for your buck. So go out and grab one before it leaves our shores.

Currently an exclusive item at all McDonald’s Dessert Kiosks
Price: Soft-serves S$1-S$1.2 (depending on location)
Popcorn Caramel Hot Fudge Sundae S$2
Popcorn Caramel McFlurry® S$3

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