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Jowae Mix and Mask works wonders

After a long night out, my facial skin appears dull and listless the next day. If not treated, this situation can persist for several days.

I have tried out different moisurising, purifying and boosting creams, but they have not really worked wonders for my face or lifted my looks.

Jowae’s Mix and Mask, a three-in-one solution, has produced good results. This is new to the Singapore market, but is handy and effective in correcting my facial-skin flaws.

The Jowae Replumping Water Mask (50ml available for $25.20 at is an instant moisture shot. It moisturises, plumps and soothes at the same time.

According to the brand, which is an amalgation of French beauty and Korean skin-care innovation, this mask works on all skin types, even sensitive. Jowae has done extensive dermatological tests to arrive at this conclusion.

I generously applied the Jowae Replumping Water Mask on on my cheeks and neck and left it there for five minutes. The excess gel I massaged into the skin with a cotton pad.

Then I applied the Jowae Purifying Clay Mask to my forehead, nose and chin. I left it there for a further five minutes and then rinsed it off.

I found that tis method works well if you apply it twice a week. It gives your skin a fresh start.

The mask has natural ingredients such as Sakura blossom water, sweet almond and flaxseed.

It left my skin, hydrated, plumped, soft and comfortable.

The Jowae Clarifying Mineral Mask (50ml available for $28.80 at is an instant radiance booster. It cleans, evens and smoothes all skin types, even sensitive.

This gel works well before an important night out, like an embassy’s National Day reception. It will brighten your complexion in the blink of an eye.

Generously apply Jowae’s Replumping Water Mask to the cheeks and neck. Wait for five minutes and then apply a thin layer of Jowae’s Clarifying Mineral Mask to the forehead, nose and chin. Massage it in for a minute and then leave it there for another minute. Then rinse.

I found that this is a transparent balm that transforms into a fine, white, self-heating mousse. It has anti-oxidant lumiphenols, white tea and micro-exfoliating mineral perlite. Ninety-eight per cent of the ingredients are natural.

The result is a more beautiful skin, which is smoother, clear and radiant.

The Jowae Purifying Clay Mask (50ml available for $25.20 at is an express skin mattifier. It purifies, deep cleanses and tightens pores.

After a stressful day at work, you would want to look bright and fresh when you land at the evening’s party. Just apply the Purifying Clay Mask to the nose, forehead and chin and leave it there for three minutes.

Then apply the Jowae Clarifying Mineral Mask to the cheeks and neck and massage it in for one minute. Leave both masks on for a further minute and then rinse. The result will be fresh, clear skin.

The Jowae Purifying Clay Mask has a light-moussse texture that transforms into a purifying clay paste. It contains anti-oxidant lumiphenols and “sacred lotus”.

The ingredients are 96 per cent natural and the skin feels purified and smoother even as the excess sebum is eliminated.

These masks are available at My Beaute Paris (ION Orchard #B3-49/50 and Parway parade #B-75/76), Guardian, Metro, nomadX, Robinsons and Takashimaya (Level 3).
Also available online at Redmart, Zalora, Lazada, shopee and Zilingo.

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