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Fashion platform Runway Moda a boon for creative talents

Emerging designers in Singapore and in the region never had it so easy. They can now rely on Runway Moda, a dynamic e-commerce platform, to get their creations exposed to a wider audience and sell their designs at competitive rates.

By signing on to the platform, budding talents do not get stifled by the fashion industry’s prohibitive costs that inhibit many of their ilk from launching their businesses or furthering them. Runway Moda levels the playing field and helps open doors for them to clients and supporters around the world. These services are provided absolutely free.

Runway Moda’s CEO and founder Rayhan Perera, who experienced the difficulties first-hand when he launched a luxury brand a few years ago, said: “Our video platform gives fashion brands the chance to show how creative they are and what they have to offer. Ultimately, we believe this can transform the entire fashion world for the better. Fashion thrives on the ‘new’ and, as more people get to see what innovative designers are up to, their status in the industry will go up. Runway Moda is a new world where designers and customers work together to produce the greatest of emotional statements.”

Added Runway Moda’s co-founder Irene Ho: “At Runway Moda, we aim to shake the whole fashion industry so that all designers now have the tools and information to run their own businesses and do not face any handicaps. Their successes are no longer determined by their access to financial resources or who they know but determined by their own creativity. We want to give designers a ‘voice’ to share their journey and an avenue to showcase their work to a global audience. We also aim to revolutionise how people make purchases online.”

Runway Moda offers clients multi-faceted tools that can be easily implemented into already existing business processes. These help brands to take advantage of video-based media and enhance their earning capacity. Easily accessible from anywhere in the world, the platform serves as a business centre for both brands and consumers.

Runway Moda’s technical staff usually assist designers to make creative video content. See sample: The design elements are kept fresh, modern and elegant. These are complemented by a simple and comprehensive user interface, making it stylish yet easy to operate.

Users can upload videos or live stream a fashion show. During the process, they can also edit content and include product attachments. These facilities will help them maintain a smooth flow of presentation while making all products interactive and accessible.

“The visibility of my brand has considerably improved after I signed on with Runway Moda,” said Esther Choy, Founder and Creative Director of Singapore-based ESH by Esther Choy ( “The live streaming of fashion shows involving my collections has helped. Moreover, purchasing my collection via Runway Moda is a very pleasant experience for my customers.”

Desti Saint, Founder and Director of Desti Saint Handbags (, too believes that the decision to join the Runway Moda platform is bringing big dividends to her brand.

“By partnering Runway Moda, Desti Saint Handbags has been given a visible presence, allowing the essence of our brand and the story behind our creations to be brought to life,” said the Hong Kong-born designer. “In a digital world where online interaction is key, the technology and interactive features of the Runway Moda platform have driven both our business and sales towards a more diverse customer base and wider international markets.”

For Natacha Van, Founder and Creative Director of Cambodia’s Natacha Van Collection (, Runway Moda is a modern yet convenient platform that allows her to display her designs to a larger group of people within a short time and without expending too much resources.

“It is an effective strategy that I can use to connect with clients, market a new design, receive feedback and share my brand regionally and internationally,” she said. “The Runway Moda marketing concept provides various advantages, such as reducing expenditure on advertisement, reaching a mass audience within a few seconds and easier communication with customers. Working with Runway Moda is very exciting and we believe this is the right path to go international.”

Progressively, Runway Moda plans to provide users with more enhanced features, like audio overlays and direct product purchase. These tools will further facilitate designer engagements with brand patrons and consumers.

There will also be integrated social media options embedded in designer profiles to assist in fast content dissemination, in-built marketing features that will help users to directly e-mail clients and invite them to view selected videos and products and a messaging system that will speed up direct communication and operational management.

Through a specially-crafted analytical dashboard, users can also track video impressions and gain macro insights into specific product movement within specific regions.

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