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Exquisite Caviar sets the bar high

Caviar – Singapore’s newest fine dining restaurant dedicated to the legendary Sturgeon’s roe – opened on December 3rd with a mouth-watering array of dishes in a culinary run-up to Christmas and New Year.

The restaurant, located at Palais Renaissance, aims to set a new standard in dining with exceptional service, contemporary interiors and a menu focused entirely on the renowned delicacy.

Exquisite Menu

Featuring eight varieties of the world’s best Caviar – including world number one Kaluga Queen as well as Oscietra, Sevruga and Beluga – the restaurant’s dynamic young team has created opening menus that take the very best flavours of land, air and sea and combine them in a contemporary modern European style.

The launch degustation menu includes dishes that are prepared zero waste, with every part of the ingredients used in preparation to create natural and sublime flavours, served on tactile, artisanal plateware.

Wild-caught cod from the northern coast of Denmark, cured with kombu kelp and served with leek in plum extract; Botan Ebi tartare topped with sliced water chestnut and Polenco Oscietra Caviar; and French originated dry-aged pigeon served two ways, Caviar’s exquisite menu is laced with the world’s finest ingredients, each of which cleverly incorporates the luxury roe.

Snacks include Tomato Macaron, Uni Cream, Caviar and Uni, Caviar Toast with royal Oscietra caviar and Caviar Ball Crème Fraiche using Polenco Oscietra caviar.

Desserts range from Lacto-Fermented Cranberry, Almond and Orange Blossom, Sake Lees ice cream, topped with Polenco Siberian Caviar, as well as a selection of Petit Fours using the finest chocolate, truffles and fruits.

The menu is matched by a selection of leading champagnes, wines and spirits from around the world.

Or opt for the Caviar Server – a tin of caviar served with a choice of six shots of premium vodka or spirit of your choice.

Enduring Appeal Of Caviar

Caviar is once again trending at the top of the culinary tree with the buttery roe and its distinctive flavour-bursts featuring increasingly in top restaurants across the world.

With a history for winning over the most noble of appetites from as far back as ancient Rome, the fact that these tiny fish eggs are still considered the epitome of luxury says a lot about its enduring appeal.

Improved farming practices have broadened its appeal with responsible aquaculture serving to popularise the delicacy among consumers looking to enjoy ingredients that are sustainably sourced.

“Thanks to a greater awareness about the foods we eat, it’s no surprise that the best restaurants anywhere in the world that feature true caviar have now opted for nothing less than the highest quality farmed alternatives,” said Caviar owner and restaurateur Jason Ong, who opened his first restaurant Uni Gallery four years ago specialising in sea urchin dishes.

A premium supplier of seafood produce, Caviar is Ong’s second restaurant in Singapore.

Inspired by the movement of swimming sturgeons and traditional ink block printing, Caviar’s restaurant – designed by Shiran Sooriya of Endopod Design – facade presents these dynamic forms vertically, larger than life and built in bronze stainless steel.

This is the first layer of the Caviar experience. Inside the bright orange feature wall connects the chef’s table and its customers to the kitchen operation.

Customers become part of the experience – sharing conversations with the chefs, watching how the courses are constructed and presented.  While the chef’s table is a communal moment, the other seating in the space becomes more and more private. The feel is modern, warm, private and luxurious.

Caviar is a fine dining restaurant located in Palais Renaissance focused exclusively on the sturgeon’s roe.

Featuring a contemporary interior that reflects its downtown locale, the restaurant serves the widest variety of caviar in Singapore from a modern European menu that utilises the world’s finest ingredients.

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