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Heineken® Festive Cheers campaign gives Singaporeans many reasons to celebrate

Heineken®, the world’s most valuable international premium beer, is calling on consumers to exchange their foiled year-end celebrations for a fresh perspective on what the season could hold for them with friends and family.

Central to the Heineken® Festive Cheers campaign is a simple celebration algorithm which aims to closely align holiday wishes with holiday reality – giving those who play, the chance to win a Heineken® celebration for two right here in Singapore.

From 26 November – 24 December 2021, consumers can use their smartphones to discover and unlock a series of celebratory moments with Heineken®, curated in an exclusive partnership with Klook, a world-leading travel and leisure booking platform.

From soaking up a voyage in Singapore’s Southern waters with a friend, to relaxing at a secluded staycation with a loved one, or pouring the freshest pints for family and friends by winning a Heineken® Home Blade Bar Experience – each and every celebration has been carefully curated to ensure there’s something for everyone.

One thing that is guaranteed is that chilled Heineken® / Heineken® 0.0 will be at the centre of every celebration.  All those who submit an entry to the Heineken® Festive Cheers microsite will be guaranteed an exclusive Klook Promo Code.

“A celebration by definition is a social gathering, we don’t need to be somewhere new to make fond memories, it’s about making time to meet with family and friends at home or enjoying each other’s company elsewhere. We look forward to Heineken® being at the heart of many celebrations right here in Singapore this season, giving us even more reasons to celebrate with those who matter,” saidd Gerald Yeo, Marketing Director at Asia Pacific Breweries Singapore.

“Klook is delighted to partner with Heineken® to spread festive cheer and joy this year-end. We have made it our mission to uncover hidden gems, feature local merchants and to pioneer unique experiences here in Singapore. We are confident that this campaign will help bring more awareness to local merchants and shed light on how much Singapore has to offer,” said Sarah Wan, General Manager, Singapore at Klook.

Heineken® at the heart of celebrations this season

To enter Heineken® Festive Cheers, consumers simply need to visit and follow a series of prompts. Finally, after confirming if they want to ‘escape from the city’ or ‘explore the city’, fans will be served with a fresh perspective on how they could be celebrating the season with Heineken®, before being invited to win it*.

In addition to winning experiences, fans could walk away with Heineken® to kick-start festive celebrations at home with friends and family. From winning a six-pack of Heineken®, to a Magnum or a six months’ supply, there are also several Heineken® Home Blade Bar Experience up for grabs.

Each Home Blade Bar Experience will be delivered to the winners’ door to level-up their celebrations at home. With access to freshly tapped Heineken®, scrumptious bar bites, canned cocktails and music playlists provided in partnership with Zouk, winners will have every reason to raise a toast to the festivities.

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