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Chopard unveils Happy Hearts eyewear collection

The core values of Chopard —the House with a big heart — have always been generosity and caring for others. A perfect combination of Chopard’s talisman heart
nd emblematic moving diamonds, the Happy Hearts collection unites all the world’s big-hearted women.

The choice of a piece of Chopard eyewear is never meaningless. In addition to being aesthetic extraordinary, it carries a value that represents recognition and intimate affection. The choice of a Happy Hearts piece is that of a woman with a Big Heart, an everyday heroine for whom the commitments of the Chopard house are an echo of her own generosity.

Inspired by the idea that she should not indulge herself at the expense of others, the woman with the Big Heart sees Happy Hearts designs as being truly coherent with her value system, intertwined with altruism.

In celebration of the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day this season, a total of four SKUs from the Happy Hearts family were launched. All models are distinct and carry each of their own charm to reflect the characteristics of Chopard.

On every piece of Happy Hearts eyewear, a heart-shaped charm is featured near the hinge. The design of the collection has a minimalistic yet elegant approach. No heavy usage of stones, all highlight goes to the heart charm.

For sunglasses SCHF99G, two colour options are available:
* 300Y tea brown lenses with festive-red heart
* 08FC light grey lenses with space-black heart.

For optical frames VCHF99G, the 300Y rose gold frames are paired with festive-red heart and the 0300 rose gold frames with a heart charm filled with stones.

The theme of the campaign is Happiness from your Heart. It is heavily inspired by the Happy Hearts eyewear collection.

The Chopard’s Happy Hearts eyewear collection is now available at Alexis Eyewear Boutique
290 Orchard Road PARAGON #03-31/32 Singapore 238859

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