2,500 acre private island resort open off the Madagascar coast

Miavana by Time + Tide is an ultra exclusive private island off Madagascar’s north-east coast, offering guests access to 2,500 acres of wilderness, plus five additional uninhabited islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean. It is the ultimate destination of desire, the golden-ticket trip for the luxury traveller making a big statement with their first, post-Covid, long-haul holiday.

Geographically and culturally, Madagascar remains one the most remote, untouched and interesting places on earth: 80% of its wildlife cannot be seen anywhere else.  A captivating and intriguing island where unknown species continue to be discovered to this day, there is simply nowhere else like it on earth.
Miavana by Time + Tide is Madagascar’s number-one luxury resort and offers an unmatched and irresistible combination of whiteknuckle challenges, authentic experiences, private wilderness and sophisticated service. It is a 360-degree paradise for those seeking adventure, activity, wildlife, cultural connection and indulgence.

Its high-octane adventure kudos centres on Turtle Bay, which has cult status among international champion kite surfers and surf skiers who revere its thrilling rollers. Guests can also heli-surf to previously uncharted waves, dive with humpback whales and take part in bespoke extreme trials such as round-island races.

For soft adventure, Miavana’s vibrant house reef is untouched by climate change, with colourful corals and rich marine life far superior to those in the Maldives. Miavana is also Africa’s new hotspot for wreck diving, given Namibia’s shipwrecks are now disintegrating.

Activities include water sports, fishing and paddle boarding to deserted coves to watch turtles lay their eggs on the beach. There is the cachet of lemur trekking, chameleon encounters and orchid hunting, led by guides trained to the same exceptionally high standards as at Miavana’s sister safari camps. A fleet of boats and helicopters can take guests on first-footprint-in-the-sand excursions to the surrounding uninhabited islands, including visiting a colony of tens of thousands of terns.

Experiential wellness includes yoga classes in the forest listening to the dawn chorus and on the deck of a colonial-era lighthouse at sunset, and picking wild vanilla and botanical herbs to be pounded for customised spa lotions.

Unlike other Indian Ocean private island resorts, Miavana also offers easy and meaningful access to local people. Guests can walk to the island’s village and visit its nursery and junior schools, meet families, sample the local rum and learn about the villagers’ fascinating egalitarian attitudes, ancient customs and quirky superstitions.

Miavana’s 14 next generation blended villas have been cleverly designed by the team behind North Island in Seychelles to suit both couples and families, and are among the most spacious in the Indian Ocean. For example, Miavana’s three-bedroom villa is 1,020 sqm, making it larger than the most prestigious four-bed accommodation in the Maldives.

Their exquisite indoor/outdoor design has been masterminded by award-winning architects Silvio Rechs and Lesley Carstens, the couple behind the barefoot chic concept at North Island in the Seychelles.

In Madagascar, they have been reunited with Miavana’s visionary CEO, Bruce Simpson, previously North Island’s managing director, to create a world-beating resort with the highest  standards throughout, from ethics to epicurean aspects.

Secluded villas are set within extensive private gardens with expansive decks, private pools and direct access to the resort’s 2.5km beach. They have spacious living areas with hand-cut stone walls and hand-dyed textiles, large bathrooms have  soaking tubs and turreted al fresco showers and there is also room for well equipped kitchenettes.

Each villa has its own electric buggy and beach cruiser bikes to explore the island and a personal butler with a martini-time mentality, ready can arrange anything, anytime, anywhere, from floating breakfasts by the villa pool to guided star-gazing in a sky devoid of light pollution.

The culinary team are available for 24-7 dining, creating personalised menus and maximising Madagascar’s natural larder, which includes the world’s most succulent mangoes and best quality vanilla, to its spiciest pink peppercorns, super fresh yellowfin tuna and surprising local specialities such as Africa’s first sustainably produced caviar, Madagascar Rova Caviar.

Miavana by Time + Tide has a deep and genuine commitment to the environment that dates back more than 70 years and is the legacy of Norman Carr who raised the bar for enlightened tourism in the 1950s.

Miavana employs an on-site conservation manager to oversee initiatives such as the lemur conservation programme and to promote regional sustainable fishing practices. Miavana is a dynamic exponent of Africa’s new Big Five, providing a tick list for the eco traveller of a future-proofed tourism that concentrates on Sensitive development; Intelligent sustainability, Regenerative travel, Committed conservation and Community connection.

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