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The Spice Adda’s Diwali mithai gift boxes with three brand new flavours

After the success of its Diwali Mithai Boxes in 2020, The Spice Adda has launched its 2021 collection with 3 breand new flavours and brand new boxes!

Celebrate Diwali – the Festival of Lights – with the limited edition artisan sweets hand-crafted by Michelin starred Chef Manjunath Mural.

The 2021 Edition features six flavours of sweets, available in three stunning boxes.

Returning this year are 3 of The Spice Adda’s best selling flavours from 2021. Its hand-crafted sweets do not contain preservatives and is best consumed as soon as possible and is suitable for vegetarians.

The flavours have been specially curated by Chef Mural to create a unique selection of premium mithais. Using the finest ingredients and skills, the handcrafted sweets make a wonderful gift that is guaranteed to delight guests, friends and family this festive season.


* Paan & Pistachio (new)
Crushed jewels of pistachio with a rich blend of paan (beetle) leaves.
* Blueberry & Almond (new)
Organic blueberries blended with almonds and hints of cinnamon, coated in crushed hazelnut.
* Mango & Lotus (new)
A combination of mango and cashew, with lotus paste held together with roasted chia seeds.
* Lychee & Gulkand
Seasonal hand-picked, fresh lychee combined with aromas of homemade rose compote.
* Saffron, Melon Seeds & Lentils
Premium scented saffron strands, toasted melon seeds clubbed with lentils to form classic burfi.
* Figs, Dates, Mulberry & Nuts
Beall figs, crimson mulberries and crunchy nuts, creating divine flavours.

2021 BOXES

The boxes come in three types: Delight ($65/18pcs), Premium ($95/30pcs) and Executive ($125/15pcs).
For more information or to place orders, please visit:
Valid for delivery or Pick up from 20 October – 5 November.

Chef Mural is a champion for global Asian-Indian gastronomy, combining traditional Indian preparation methods with a variety of flavours across cultures, resulting in uniquely juxtaposed culinary offerings.

Mural’s philosophy is simple – to fulfil his lifelong dream and vision to present Indian cuisine at its pinnacle on an international level, where it can be understood, accepted and respected.

Mural led his previous team to garner a Michelin star in 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. He is the first Indian Executive chef to score a Michelin star for an Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia (SEA). There are only two Indian restaurants in South-east Asia to have the honour.

In 2020, Mural opened his own Neo-Indian restaurant Adda in partnership with Genie Collective Group. The unique concept elevated Indian cuisine in the heart of Singapore, with a contemporary twist and infusion of local flavours.

Within eight months of operations, The Spice Adda was awarded a Michelin plate.

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