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TCL launches X5, C6 and P5 series new products

TCL Multimedia Technology Holdings Limited has launched its spectacular X5, C6 and P5 series new products at the 2018 Spring New Product Launch Press Conference themed "Innovate to See the Future" in Shanghai, China. Headquartered in China, TCL is one of the leading players in the global TV industry, engaged in the research and development, manufacturing and distribution of consumer electronic products.

The group strived to improve its product competitiveness in terms of display and sound quality, design and content application to offer consumers exquisite experiences with its smart TV products and services. Leveraging on its industry-leading technologies in quantum dot, curved full screen, artificial intelligence, etc., TCL has demonstrated its strong capacity in the areas of technology innovation and product R&D.

Three new products to seize the market driven by consumption upgrade With consumers' increasing demand for home entertainment, their requirement for products' appearance and design concepts increased as well. Addressing consumers' genuine needs, TCL Multimedia's X5, C6, and P5 series new products adopted a range of innovative crafting techniques and ideas including quantum dot technology, borderless design, golden curved screen, etc. to target the three groups of consumers with the biggest consumption power and potential, namely the society's elites, the "new gentlemen" in the city and the younger generation. With its stronger product mix, the group is able to cater to consumers' diverse demands in terms of display and sound quality, design and content application. The new heavyweight X5 series product has combined technology and aesthetics. It is equipped with industry-leading primary colours quantum dot display technology, Dolby Vision™ High Dynamic Range technology, Harman Kardon audio system and Dolby Atmos, in a borderless curved full-screen design with a 4.9mm ultra-slim profile, aiming to provide consumers an exquisite visual and audio experience. The C6 series product has adopted a borderless full-screen design and Dolby Vision™ supported by high primary colour gamut, all of which make it possible for the consumers to enjoy a clearer and more vivid display quality. The P5 series product is equipped with 4,000R golden curved screen with outstanding display performance. The P5 series product has also implemented the MEMC (Motion Estimated Motion Compensation) technology, aiming to provide a better viewing experience to consumers in 2018, a year of major sports events. The X, C, P series products are all equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) technology. For the benefit of time-saving, TCL further optimised users' schedule through the utilisation of AI, which could bring two major changes to users: the revolution of the mode of interaction and the improvement of data efficiency. In terms of TV applications, TCL AI 2.0 plus would search information faster for users by its comprehension, retrieval and service capability, which could simplify the process of information and service searches. In addition, TCL AI could make information and services more accurately available to users by its face recognition technology, multiple modes user system, and authentic customised content recommendation capacity. Twin driver of quality and brand strategy The young consumers in China have been gaining a stronger sense of brand awareness and are more inclined to choose domestic brands. At the conference, TCL Multimedia invited its brand ambassador Ma Tianyu, a famous actor and singer in mainland China, to introduce TCL's high-quality products and innovation capacity to the young consumers. At present, "Building a nation of brands" is a national strategy and the group has taken the initiative to seize this opportunity to further implement its global strategies so as to demonstrate Chinese brands' innovation and strategic vision to the world. On 5 February this year, the group signed an agreement with the Brazilian football star Neymar. At the advent of the World Cup, TCL Multimedia intends to leverage on Neymar's popularity and commercial value in the European and South American markets through sports marketing to further unleash the market potential of the TCL brand and introduce its quality products and technologies to a broader market, consequently enhancing TCL's global brand value. Kevin Wang, Chief Executive Officer of TCL Multimedia, said: "The global TV market is going through a period of transformation and we must seize the opportunities to develop our business. On the one hand, we will invest more in technology, further implement the 'high-quality products strategy' and seek breakthrough in terms of product quality; on the other hand, we will strengthen our brand building, enhance our brand power with quality products and expand our brand outreach across the globe to make TCL Multimedia a distinguished international brand."  

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