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SOVA launches premium silk accessories

New beauty startup SOVA ( has launched its premium silk accessories in Singapore.

SOVA was conceived during Singapore’s Circuit Breaker period to revolutionise the idea of beauty sleep with the most luxurious, skin-improving material available from nature – mulberry silk.

Naturally hypoallergenic, mulberry silk is the highest quality silk available for purchase and is produced by feeding the silkworms of the Bombyx mori moth with only mulberry leaves.

Recommended by dermatologists, hair stylists and beauty experts alike, premium mulberry silk encompasses anti-aging, anti-sleep crease and anti-bed head properties. It provides the ultimate in luxury, so consumers can have a desirable and affordable alternative to traditional pillow cases.

Its naturally hypoallergenic qualities make it a perfect option for those with sensitive skin and eczema concerns.

SOVA is the brainchild of Gidania Wong, 36, who was inspired to improve the pressure cooker, high stress conditions brought about by the pandemic.

A firm believer in the philosophy of self-care and a good night’s sleep as a natural healing process, she is also a long-time user of mulberry silk products who has experienced the positive effects of this gift from nature.

“Our products are created from this variety of silk which has a list of benefits that help to improve the look and feel of your skin and hair and more importantly, help you to get the rest you deserve,” said Ms Wong. “You can wake up from a night of luxurious beauty rest looking and feeling beautified, rested and confident, improving your mental and physical state.

“It may not be possible to clock in eight hours of sleep per night, so why not rest on a better fabric with the limited rest you have per night? I especially love that my blowout lasts much longer while resting on my silk pillow cases!”

SOVA’s product line includes pillow cases in six colours, eye masks and hair accessories such as headbands and scrunchies, all made with 22 momme mulberry silk.

SOVA will also be introducing a sleep scent, produced in collaboration with local artisanal perfumery SIX – Lullaby, with chrysanthemum and bergamot to aid better sleep.

The pillow cases feature an envelope closure to fit most pillow sizes and is lightweight and convenient to travel around with.

A recent global study done by Fitbit found that Singaporeans improved their sleep by 25 minutes during the lockdown and 20 minutes post-lockdown compared to 2019 sleep averages.

However, Singaporeans still had one of the lowest sleep durations in APAC in 2020 and more sleep remains one of the top self-care goals that Singaporeans have.

The SOVA team plans to incorporate an aggressive strategy on educating the masses about the importance of sleeping well on SOVA silk and incorporating it into your daily lifestyle.

The multi-media marketing promotion will be launched through a series of educational videos, staycation campaigns, photography and social media posts designed to build awareness about anti-aging, anti-sleep crease and anti-bedhead benefits.

“Scientifically, a good night’s rest often results in better decision making and a happier disposition. Better sleep is proven to produce a more fulfilling and successful life,” said Ms Dolores Au, who will be expanding the SOVA brand in the US market. “It is a crucial component of every health and beauty self-care practice.”

Available online at and in selected aesthetic clinics and hair salons, SOVA products are affordably priced from $19 onwards to $179 for a set of two pillow cases.


1. Use comfortable and inviting bedding such as mulberry silk
Sleeping on silk should not be an indulgence reserved for royalty since there is a long list of health and beauty benefits from snoozing on mulberry silk. This opulent yet natural material is odourless and more breathable than even cotton, while it’s breathable fibres and natural hydrating properties help you to retain your hair and skin’s essential oils, allowing you to wake up refreshed. Sleeping on smooth and frictionless silk can protect your hair against
breakages and split ends, as well as extend the life of blow outs and hairstyles. Naturally hypoallergenic, mulberry silk is recommended for sensitive skin types.

2. Dress comfortably in bed
In order to get a good night’s sleep, you need to feel comfortable before you go to sleep. Whether you veer towards stylish sleepwear or matching pyjamas, opt for light, breathable and soft fabrics such as modal, flannel or silk. Good sleepwear can be an instant mood-lifter, especially if you’ve had a stressful day.

3. Reserve your bed for sleep and intimacy, avoiding its use for work or general recreation
Many of us are now living and working in the same, small space so the tendency to use our bed as a workspace or chill out zone is high but the bed needs to be a stimulus for sleeping instead of a multi-purpose sitting area, to help you fall asleep quicker.

4. Exercise regularly
Going for brisk walks daily won’t just trim you down, it will also keep you up less often at night as exercise boosts the effect of natural sleep hormones such as melatonin. Make a habit to take a walk after dinner to wind down from a long day.

5. Create an alcohol and caffeine cut-off time
We tend to think that alcohol makes us sleepy but it’s actually a stimulant that disrupts sleep during the night. Caffeine stimulates your nervous system and may stop your body from naturally relaxing at night as it can stay elevated in your blood for 6 to 8 hours. Therefore, drinking large amounts of coffee after 3 to 4 pm is not recommended, especially if you’re sensitive to caffeine or have trouble sleeping.

6. Reduce blue light exposure in the evening
Night-time light exposure affects your circadian rhythm, tricking your brain into thinking it’s still daytime, reducing the melatonin levels. Wear glasses that block blue light or install an app that blocks blue light on your smartphone to prevent this.

7. Block out distracting noise and eliminate as much light as possible through the use of an eye mask
Ambience can affect your sleep quality too. Make sure your bedroom is as comfortable as possible. Ideally you want a quiet, dark and cool environment to promote more restful sleep. Additionally, eye masks have been proven to protect your eyes, relieve dry eyes and its light blocking properties help you achieve increased time in REM sleep and decreased wakefulness.

8. Calm your mind
Stress is a stimulus that activates the fight-or-flight hormones that work against sleep, so worrying about how your day went before bed isn’t ideal to a good night’s rest. Give yourself time to wind down before bed. Pick up meditation or a relaxation response such as deep breathing exercises to promote good sleep and reduce daytime anxiety.

9. Start a sleep ritual with sleep scents or music
Rituals help signal the body and mind that it’s coming to be time for sleep. Try using sleep scents to invoke the sleep hormones in your body, listen to calming music to unwind before bed or start a night-time skincare regime with sleep masks.

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