Selina Sinclair wins Mentor of the Year award

SINGAPORE: ACI HR Solutions has announced Ms Selina Sinclair, Global Managing Director of Pacific World, as the recipient of the 2018 Mentor of the Year award. Ms Kerry Healy, Vice President Sales of
Accor and Ms Jessie Khoo-Gan, General Manager of Dorsett Singapore, were also acknowledged as highly commended mentors.

This is the second year ACI HR Solutions is running the Mentor of the Year award, and it is a category that it wants to drive and advocate in the tourism and hospitality industry. This initiative was inaugurated to recognise industry professionals who inspire creativity and originality through their genuine mentorship of employees under their charge.

Nominations for the Mentor of the Year award commenced in August, when anyone could nominate a mentor for consideration on ACI HR Solutions’ official site. Shortlisted mentors then went through an online voting contest that was conducted on ACI HR Solutions’ Facebook page.

The winner was selected based on the number of likes/reactions and comments, with higher weightage given to the comments section in the final result. Andrew Chan, Founder & CEO of ACI HR Solutions, felt it important to  know how each mentor made a positive impact to individuals and their careers.

The Mentor of the Year award initiative aims to raise awareness about mentorship. It also advocates the need for mentorship that is far more personal and necessary for the next generation. Executives need to be receptive to new management styles – shifting from the popular but restrictive command-and-control style of management to a more cohesive leadership approach such as mentorship.

Mentorship requires managers to have a better understanding of the needs of today’s talents. In addition, this initiative also serves as a platform and opportunity for mentees and/or those that were inspired by their mentors, to express their appreciation.

“We hope this raises more awareness to mentorship and that the winners will continue to inspire as we unearth more unsung heroes in our industry. We are also very proud to present this award to Selina. After reading all the comments about her and the careers she has inspired, I’ve no doubt that she is a highly deserving winner. Knowing how humble she is, as well as Kerry and Jessie, I know, with or without accolades, they will continue to inspire the next generation through their mentorship,” says Andrew Chan, Founder & CEO of ACI HR Solutions.

Ms Selina Sinclair joined Pacific World in 2012 as Regional Director for Singapore and Malaysia. In 2015, she was promoted to Global Managing Director, where she drives innovation and operational excellence across the brand.

Ms Selina Sinclair has been in the events industry for twelve years prior to joining Pacific World and has worked in London with most of her career spent in event operations as well as leading international sales and marketing activities.

ACI HR Solutions is an award winning specialist recruitment, executive search and professional training firm dedicated to the travel, tourism, hospitality and lifestyle industry. Established in 2012, ACI HR Solutions was founded with the aim of becoming a specialist firm owned and operated by individuals from within the travel and hospitality industry. ACI HR Solutions prides itself on connecting the best talents with organisations across the travel and hospitality industry.

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