Grassrooots Pantry introduces 3% carbon tax

HONG KONG: Grassroots Pantry is raising awareness on sustainable initiatives with the introduction of a 3% carbon tax. As a leading member of the Zero Waste Restaurants Alliance HK, Executive Chef Peggy Chan is dedicated to promoting best practices and making responsible choices while continues to showcase her innovation and creativity in plant-based cuisine.

 Grassroots Pantry has removed the 10% service charge and introduced a 3% carbon tax (diners will be encouraged to tip their service staff according to performance). Proceeds from this tax will go towards the restaurant’s ongoing efforts to support organic producers, researchers, NGOs and social enterprises.

 In the last six months, the team has also worked with ZeroFoodprint and 3Degrees based in San Francisco to analyse detailed data from the restaurant and produce a comprehensive sustainability report.

 The report is part of Grassroots Pantry’s commitment to transparency and traceability. Whether through stringent practices, such as segregating waste with data supported by HK Recycles, or diverting its own food waste (via ORCA, a food waste digester machine created by a Canadian startup company), Grassroots Pantry believes in accountability.

 By sourcing as locally as possible and serving a vegan menu, greenhouse gas emissions per dining cover at Grassroots Pantry are 65% less than all other restaurants included in the ZeroFoodprint study.

 “Our patrons understand the need for real action on climate change,” explains Peggy. “As restaurateurs we have a responsibility to explore ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to immediately improve our industry’s massive consumption and waste issues and to create tangible and affordable systems to initiate change. We need to propose alternative sustainable products in order to accelerate the changes necessary to reverse greenhouse gas emissions caused by the food industry’s actions. This is our core mission at Grassroots Pantry in 2018 and 2019.”

 Taking bold steps to change the culinary scene, Grassroots Pantry has always led the mission to raise awareness of the personal and environmental benefits of a plant-focused diet. Committed to creating innovative experiences, Grassroots Pantry expands the concept of vegetarian cuisine and reinforces Executive Chef Peggy Chan’s culinary creativity.

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