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Rediscover rum with wildly refreshing Rockpool

Striving to introduce something fresh and modern in the rum category, four friends in Singapore teamed up to create Rockpool in late 2021. Now available across the island, Rockpool is an expertly crafted blend of three to five year old rums from Barbados and the Dominican Republic.

The idea for the rum was dreamt up during a summer of exploring rock pools, the shallow pools of seawater that form along a rocky intertidal shore. A safe way to get a glimpse of the sea without leaving the comfort of land, rock pools are carved out and filled up by the wild waters of the ocean. Following the same ethos, Rockpool offers a refreshing, contemporary take on rum without taming the hint of danger inherent to a drink with such wild beginnings.

Without a formal background in the spirits industry, Rockpool’s founders have bonded over their love of rum over the years. Straying away from the norms of the rum world as they saw them – old, dusty with at least a hint of pirate – the group brings a fresh perspective to rum and shares the ambition of elevating and growing the category as a whole.

Drawing on the variety of rums they’ve sampled together over the years, the founders set out to create a high-quality rum that would be smooth enough to enjoy neat, but also work well in cocktails. Balancing the fine line of approachable and easy to drink, yet complex, with enough character and depth to pique the drinker’s curiosity, Rockpool Rum was born. With no added sugar, colour, or flavours, Rockpool blends a mix of pot and column still rums from renowned distilleries in Barbados and Dominican Republic.

Blending English-style rums from Barbados and Spanish-style rums from the Dominican Republic, all aged in American oak barrels, the final product is balanced with notes of light vanilla and dried orange peel. Rockpool boasts a warm finish that makes it innately sippable, yet very mixable.

From spirit-forward drinks such as an Old Fashioned to refreshing rum classics like Mojitos and Daiquiris, Rockpool is versatile enough to create a variety of drinks on a night that could go anywhere. With a sleek and modern bottle design, Rockpool interprets rum’s nautical beginnings in a brand new way. Evoking the colours, textures and patterns found in nature, the whimsical and wild label was recently recognised with a Gold Medal by the World Rum Awards 2022.

A nod to the important role rock pools play in the ocean’s ecosystem,the founders felt it was only right to ensure that they not only tried to minimise Rockpool’s impact but also to find a way to give back.

A proud member of 1% for the Planet, Rockpool joins a global network of businesses, individuals and nonprofit organisations tackling the planet’s most pressing environmental issues. Founded to prevent greenwashing, certify reputable giving and provide accountability, the 1% for the Planet certification is only given to businesses and individuals that commit to donating 1% of annual sales or salary to environmental causes.

Rockpool is available to purchase online (70 cl/40% ABV) at S$95 and can be found in a variety of refreshing rum cocktails around bars in Singapore, including Lime House, Rumours Beach Club, 28 HongKong Street, Low Tide, Moonstone and Taylor Adam and more (full list of stockists available here:

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