PureCircle resolves patent infringement litigation

PureCircle and Sweet Green Fields announced on March 2 that they have settled a dispute before the International Trade Commission (ITC) on the importation of products that were alleged to infringe PureCircle’s US Patent No. 9,420,815 regarding glucosylated steviol glycosides.

As part of the settlement, SGF has signed a licence agreement with PureCircle that resolves the current dispute and allows SGF to continue to sell its natrose I glucosylated steviol glycosides product.

PureCircle is the only company that combines advanced R & D with full vertical integration from farm to high-quality, great-tasting innovative stevia sweeteners. The Company collaborates with farmers who grow stevia plants and with food and beverage companies which seek to improve their low- and no-calorie formulations using a sweetener from plants. PureCircle has offices around the world with the global headquarters in Chicago, United States.

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