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Naturally-sourced Solar Power energy drink with Vitamins C & D

Heineken Asia Pacific Beverages is making its first foray into the energy drink market with Solar Power, a naturally sourced energy drink with vitamin C to boost immunity and vitamin D to fight fatigue.

Singaporeans have developed a heightened awareness of their health and immunity in the past two years, reflected through an increase in demand for healthier food and drink alternatives. The shift to hybrid work has also driven consumers to seek out products that can help them stay energized while balancing their life’s responsibilities.

Enter Solar Power, the first energy drink in Singapore that features a unique combination of naturally-sourced caffeine, vitamin C and vitamin D for that good energy boost.

Designed to be an everyday beverage, Solar Power’s refreshing fruity taste makes it the perfect antidote for every major and mundane moment in life. Be it a looming deadline, a 3-hour lecture, post-lunch food coma, attending a dreaded gathering or just the Monday blues, Solar Power can provide that (guilt-free!) good energy boost to power you through.

“Heineken Asia Pacific Beverages has introduced a range of beverages to this region that have become consumer favorites. Tapping on our expertise and unique understanding of local taste and trends, we are excited to be bringing this brand new good-for-you refreshment to help Singaporeans energize their day while getting a good energy boost,” said Johnny Tan, Country Manager.

Solar Power is now available for purchase at your nearest 7-Eleven store, and retails from $2.90 (330ml). Just look out for a dark blue metallic can that simply radiates good energy.

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