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Jermyn Street launches facial services, just for gentlemen

These days, having good, glowing healthy skin is no longer reserved just for women. Men are just as susceptible to facial woes, perhaps even more so than women.

Men’s woes range from acne caused by the male hormone androgen, excessive production of sebum that can lead to oily skin, clogged pores, dry and pigmented skin from being out in the sun without the use of sun-care products to sensitive skin due to prolonged usage of harsh or unsuitable skincare products.

And, given the hot tropical weather conditions in Singapore, they also suffer from dehydrated, dull looking skin and sensitive skin conditions.

The good news is that men can now leave their skin care concerns to the professionals, who will be able to determine which facial treatment suits which skin type. They can help to attain clearer, smoother and healthier skin.

Designed to build skin resilience and address the skin concerns of men, Jermyn Street recently launched its new suite of men’s facial services using DERMALOGICA® – a range of professional grade skin care since 1986.

CLASSIC FACIAL (60 minutes – S$88)
An efficient facial service which deeply cleanses, hydrates and brightens the skin. Its deep cleansing process eliminates acne-causing bacteria and controls excessive sebum secretion. The cleansed skin is then treated for replenishments of moisture and nutrients, leaving the skin supple and clean.

LUXURY FACIAL (90 minutes – S$148)
An in-depth facial service that helps to refine and rejuvenate the skin. It soothes and calms reactive skin from environmental stresses and reduces skin sensitivity. The treatment increases skin resilience to combat against ageing and provides an immediate source of hydration and vitamins to the skin.

Jermyn Street is a high-end barber with the ambience of an exclusive gentleman’s club. It offers patrons a taste of the traditional with a twist of fancy contemporary – whether it is in the décor, services or experience provided.

At Jermyn Street, men can enjoy professional hair services that include style, cut or trim and beard shave or trim in a luxurious yet traditional setting. An environment where gentlemen are able to luxuriate in an exclusive club setting and feel comfortable.

Jermyn Street covers a variety of barber services, ranging from restyling to shaving. They give gentlemen the perfect polished look.

Get a Restyle Haircut (S$80 – S$90) that involves shampoo and conditioning and a tailored haircut with added advice on what sort of products to use and how the hair should be styled to maintain the look.

If you are looking for a special look, opt for Signature Haircut (S$70 – S$80).

Looking for just a trim? Jermyn Street offers a Quick Trim (S$60 – S$70) that does a back and sides haircut complete with styling. However, there is no hair wash with this service.

Jermyn Street also offers simple services such as: Clipper Cut (S$30), a one-length cut all over using clippers, Head Shave (S$65), a straight razor head shave using hot towels and D.R. Harris products for the closest finish.

You can also get your hair washed, conditioned and styled with Wash & Style (S$30).

For gentlemen with a beard, Jermyn Street provides shaving services as well!

If you have time to spare, try out the Luxury Shave (S$90). It consists of the traditional barber shop shave and an express facial.

During the facial, your skin will be exfoliated, cleansed and toned with Dermalogica® products.

The Straight Razor Shave (S$75) is the traditional barbershop hot towel shave
You can maintain and groom your beard with Beard Trim (S$35 – S$45), which includes beard cutting, grooming and styling with scissors and clippers.

Beard Trim with Razor Finish (S$50 – S$60) uses scissors and clippers and beard edges are finished with a hot towel razor shave.

Jermyn Street also offers a combination of services such as the Signature Haircut & Luxury Shave (S$145 – S$155), Signature Haircut and Beard Trim with Razor Finish (S$115 – S$135) and Father & Son Haircut (S$120 – S$140).

There is something for everyone at Jermyn Street.

Jermyn Street is located at 108 Amoy Street, Singapore 069928.
Opening hours:
*Monday – Tuesday & Thursday – Friday: 10AM – 8PM
*Wednesday: 7AM – 8PM
*Saturday: 9AM – 7PM
*Closed on Sunday
*Open on all Public Holidays except Christmas Day

For appointment, please call: 6220 4010 or book online at

The Jermyn Street brand is inspired by the rich grooming heritage of Jermyn Street, London – a mecca for gentlemen of distinction for hundreds of years. Today, one can still enjoy a trim and shave in a traditional setting; purchase pomades, fragrances and other masculine preparations; cut a dash with bespoke tailoring and hand-made shoes; select tie clips, cuff links and other accessories crafted by artisans.

Jermyn Street, Singapore, embodies the very spirit of this renowned address. A high-end barber with the ambience of an exclusive gentleman’s club, it offers patrons a distinctive twist on tradition with a dash of dandy – whether in the décor, services or experience provided.

The concept celebrates men of today who care passionately about grooming and style, with a nod to Wilde, Brummell and other dapper chaps throughout history.
There are many barbers in Singapore, but only one Jermyn Street.

Facebook: @jermynstreetSG
Instagram: @jermynstreet

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