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Great Indian Celebration Feast at Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal, one of the leading fine dining Indian restaurants in Singapore since 1971, is pleased to launch The Great Indian Celebration Feast, a food promotion built around a classical Indian wedding experience, in collaboration with award-winningninternational Indian Wedding food curator Sarita Bazaz.

From April 12 to 21 2024, the gastronomic experience will be available at Rang Mahal.

The feast will showcase the rich tapestry of India’s gastronomic diversity from various regions as well as modern interpretations of traditional flavours.

Celebrating its 52nd anniversary this year, Rang Mahal restaurant hosted countless dignitaries over the decades. It continues to serve the best selection of authentic dishes from the Northern, Southern and coastal regions of India, drawing inspiration from age-old recipes passed down generations.

Bazaz and her team of eight chefs flew in to Singapore to cook along with the Rang Mahal culinary team. It features a taste of her acclaimed menus.

The offerings include 5-course Thali ($88++ per pax), a traditional style of celebrating love and new beginnings, 7-course ($138++) and 9-course ($188++) degustation menu, buffet feast ($88++adult/ $44++kids) and an a la carte menu.

Selected dishes and thalis will be made available as part of Rang Mahal’s wedding and celebration menus after this promotion.

Ranga Mahal’s managing director Ritu Jhunjhnuwala said: “The traditional Indian Wedding is truly a unique experience like none other. It’s usually a three day affair, with food playing a central role, from thalis, lavish buffet spread to gastronomic set menus.

“Rang Mahal has long been the choice of restaurant for Indian weddings over generations. We are pleased to welcome Sarita Bazaz and her team to collaborate with our Rang Mahal culinary team, so we can collectively share various facets of this experience with our customers.”

The Bazaz Buzz with Rang Mahal

Bazaz, whose clients include a list of who’s who in India, is known for her trend-setting menus that are built on India’s rich tapestry regional dishes. She has vast experience curating destination Indian weddings in places ranging from Copenhagen and Canary Islands to Marrakesh.

For The Great Indian Wedding Feast, Bazaz has drawn inspiration from Navaratna (nine gemstones representing heavenly planets, also a metaphor for a collection of the best nine) for the 9-course degustation menu that shows the best of dishes from the North West Frontier of India.

The 7-course degustation menu is based on the philosophy of Panchtatva (The Five Elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space). For the thali, she has curated the best dishes from the above menus.

Having served up lavish gastronomic experiences for three decades to India’s high society, Bazaz continues to set new benchmarks by using the best and premium ingredients like Spanish saffron, Himalayan morels and truffles as well as ingredients not usually found in Indian cuisine to create exquisite and unforgettable culinary journeys.

Highlights include:

Himalayan Morels
Also known as kanegeich, Kashmiri morel mushrooms are so rare and highly sought-after that they are one of the world’s costliest mushrooms. The honeycomb-textured caps are stuffed with aged parmesan and goat cheese before being finished with truffle salt and house-made truffle oil.

Nasheela Jhinga
Prawns seasoned in the dark rum sauce served with cilantro mint chimichurri.

Dhuendaar Galouti
Melt-in-your-mouth mutton patties, stuffed with molten cheese and smoked with charcoal and ghee.

Khaaja Sevpuri (spicy, sweet, tangy street snack)
A signature dish curated over three decades, this is a fusion of khaaja, the famous multilayered sweet and crunchy snack from Bihar and sevpuri, an extremely popular Mumbai street-style chaat snack.

Imli Ka Sorbet
Sweet tamarind and Himalayan pink salt sorbet with roasted masala drizzle

Seven-layer Paratha (seven-layer flatbread)
This special paratha is a seven-layered wholewheat flatbread with each layer filled with a grated vegetable, cheese and cottage cheese. It is sliced into wedges and served with special pickles and hung curd raita.

Gucchi Paneer Rice Ball (Morel and cottage cheese rice ball)
Morels, cottage cheese and rice are wrapped in leaves and for a unique flavour. Served with traditional spicy and tangy mirch saalan (green chilli and peanut curry), this dish is designed to hit all five of our basic tastes.

North West Frontier Thali
Famed for its rustic simplicity, North West Frontier cuisine is highly regarded for its robust and distinct flavours. The thali includes mini Amritsari Kulche (stuffed flatbread) served with Chole (chickpea curry) and traditional Pyaz ki Chutney (onion chutney).

Main dishes include Laal Maas (spicy red mutton curry) and Murgh Tikka Hasnu (Lucknowi-style tandoor-cooked chicken). Served with Papad (papadam), Missa Kulcha(chickpea flour flatbread), Kabuli Biryani from the Royal State of Mebrangarb.

Rang Mahal – Fine Dining Indian Restaurant
7 Raffles Blvd, Level 3 Pan Pacific, Singapore 039595
Telephone: +65 6333 1788
Whatsapp: +65-9667-4244
Email: [email protected]
Socials: @rangmahal

Lunch: 12pm to 2:30pm
Dinner: 6pm to 10pm

The restaurant will be open daily for lunch and dinner from April 12 – 21 (will not be closed on Mondays or closed for Saturday lunch)

Rang Mahal, the epitome of Indian fine dining has a beautiful legacy of over 5 decades, Established in 1971 in the now defunct Oberoi Imperial Hotel in Jalan Rumbia, the legendary restaurant has grown with the Singapore community and has been established at the Pan Pacific hotel for over 2 decades now.

It is celebrating its 52nd year in 2024.

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