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Bar Spectre embraces rebirth with Death in the Afternoon

The concept of death continues to be taboo across many cultures, particularly across Southeast Asia where heightened anxiety surrounding end-of-life arrangements is prevalent across societies.

This April, Bar Spectre at Tanjong Pagar Road brings Death In The Afternoon to its doors, hosting monthly sessions every third Saturday in the apothecary from 20 April 2024 onwards.

Debuting in the season of rebirth and renewal with April’s session hosted by Bar Spectre founder and House of Suntory Brand Ambassador Andrew Pang, spring’s promise of hope and new possibilities in the air brings Death In The Afternoon to the community, as an opportunity to reframe personal perspectives on the end-of-life chapter with fresh eyes and live life to the fullest on individual terms.

Inspired by its namesake cocktail — aptly crafted from a recipe of absinthe and champagne — created by American novelist Ernest Hemingway in 1932, Bar Spectre invites guests to the apothecary for meaningful conversations on the philosophy of regret, missed opportunities and death as a natural stage of life.

Working closely with various law, estate planning and mental wellness industry partners in subsequent sessions to advise on end-of-life arrangements, Death In The Afternoon aims to create an honest dialogue reflecting upon regret and death as necessary processes in life that encourage a deeper appreciation of the opportunities already given and those which have yet to pass.

“Physical repair begins when we sleep, but mental repair begins when we are ready,” says Andrew Pang.

“We want to create a safe platform for honest and open conversations to effect meaningful change on a larger scale by alleviating anxiety surrounding the concept of death in society starting here in Singapore, and empower our community to ready ourselves for our end-of-life chapter.”

By normalising regret as an inherent and invaluable tool in cultivating a life well lived, Bar Spectre hopes to reconcile social and cultural anxieties surrounding death and in doing so, restore autonomy, dignity and humanity to our end-of-life chapter.

Hosted by Andrew Pang, Bar Spectre’s first Death In The Afternoon session begins on Saturday 20 April 2024 from 3:30pm to 4:30pm and will be subsequently held every third Saturday of the following months by varying partners.

Individuals who are interested in signing up for a Death In The Afternoon session may register their interest here at $50+ per guest. For more details, visit Bar Spectre’s website at:

Bar Spectre is a vintage apothecary cocktail bar that embraces mental wellness, celebrates imperfection and champions community-building, offering creative healing experiences through consciously crafted cocktails and contemporary Southeast Asian-inspired comfort bites.

Founded by Regional Brand Ambassador for Beam Suntory and veteran mixologist Andrew Pang, Bar Spectre is inspired by Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s concept of the shadow self: an unconscious aspect of the persona that is not externally presented to the world.

Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s cultural enclave, Spectre is a safe space where the emotional cycles of life are embraced as a continual journey of rebirth and growth, welcoming guests to step into a safe space thoughtfully curated for self-discovery, authentic connection and living
mindfully in the present since formally opening its doors on 26 September 2023.

Centred on the Japanese philosophy of kintsugi which embraces the unique beauty in imperfection, therapeutic touchpoints and techniques are interwoven into Spectre’s guest journey through the bar’s cocktails that incorporate adaptogens from traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and natural mood boosters, to create a meaningful and memorable experience unique to every guest.

For more information, visit:


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