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Glenfiddich launches whisky cup collection with Singaporean ceramicist Jeanette Wee

 “Ceramics” usually brings to mind a traditional medium, an artform practised by ancient masters – an outdated perception that Singaporean ceramicist Jeanette Adrienne Wee is determined to change.

Bringing a modern touch to a traditional art form, Jeanette and Glenfiddich have launched the Glenfiddich New Dawn Singapore Collection – which takes the brand’s history of innovation and pairs it with Jeanette’s commitment to experimentation. The result is a collection that plays with the current approaches to drinking whisky.

Jeanette visited the Glenfiddich distillery in Dufftown, Scotland, to learn more about the brand. During her visit, she was inspired by the brand’s history of experimentation and was struck by how whisky, much like pottery, has a long-standing set of rules and traditions – all of which can be challenged.

Working with Brett Bayly, Glenfiddich’s Southeast Asian Ambassador, Jeanette set out to create a collection that plays with the current ways of drinking whisky while at the same time, takes cues from the elements and textures she encountered in the home of Glenfiddich.

During a launch event at Host Events, Mohamed Sultan Road, recently, Jeanette said that she was inspired by the many sights she observed at the distillery. “I found the trees had a black colour, this was the bacteria that collected from the ethanol that emanated from the distillery. I have aspects of this black colour in my creation.

“Some of my other works were influenced by the shape of the Glenfiddich bottle and the way whisky is drunk.”

About the Collection

To create the pieces, she paired her knowledge of Eastern ceramics with the whisky-drinking traditions and tools of the West.

  • Grog And Glass – The cup’s black and grey exterior is inspired by the texture of the stone walls found all over Aberdeen. The cup’s unique shape is reminiscent of the Glenfiddich bottle’s signature shape, and its base includes melted glass to reflect the whisky’s colour.
  • Porcelain In Light  Adding a twist to the iconically-shaped whisky nosing glass, Jeanette used porcelain for this piece to allow light to seep in through the base of the cup – allowing drinkers to appreciate the colour of the whisky while they’re sipping it.
  • Stoneware Trio – Inspired by Sake drinkware, this set plays on the time-honoured practice of serving Glenfiddich neat. While the bottle is reminiscent of a sake bottle, the decanter is shaped like a whisky washback, and has been specially designed to lower the temperature of the whisky without affecting its integrity.
  • Ash In Rock – For this piece, Jeanette took inspiration from the way whisky-drinkers swirl their glass to aerate the whisky. She wanted to add a light-hearted element to the collection, so this glass lets drinkers roll the glass and play with the whisky while they’re drinking it.

Lovers of Glenfiddich stand a chance to win one of five pieces from Jeannette’s exclusive whisky cup collection, hand-picked by the ceramist herself. 

To enter, simply log on to the Glenfiddich’s Facebook account and follow the contest rules.

The competition will run from 7 until 15 December 2019, with winners announced via Facebook from the week of 16 December onwards.

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