Evolve MMA gives $10,000 scholarship to Sim Wen Fei

Sim Wen Fei receiving the cheque from Chatri Siyodtong, Chairman and Founder of Evolve MMA

SINGAPORE, 6 March 2019 – Evolve Mixed Martial Arts (Evolve MMA), Asia’s top martial arts organisation, today announced that out of hundreds of applications, 19-year- old Sim Wen Fei had been selected as the winner for its first ever Evolve Warrior Scholarship.

In conjunction with its 10th anniversary, the merit scholarship, with a value of S$10,000, provides financial support for the selected recipient’s full year of study and hopes to motivate outstanding individuals to persevere and unleash their potential.

In addition to the S$10,000 scholarship, Wen Fei will receive a life-time Evolve membership to train under the largest collection of World Champions across all Evolve MMA locations.

“Evolve’s mission is to unleash greatness in the world through the power of martial arts. I am thrilled to announce the Evolve MMA Warrior Scholarship Programme, and Wen Fei as the first recipient of our S$10,000 annual cash scholarship for education. Every year, Evolve will support a warrior who displays the values of integrity, humility, honour, respect, courage, discipline and compassion. Wen Fei has had a very tough life without many resources, and she deserves some help to achieve her dreams as a dentist. The S$10,000 will be used to pay her school fees,” said Chatri Sityodtong, Chairman and Founder, Evolve MMA.

“Since 2010, the Evolve Community Outreach Programme has been helping the less fortunate and underprivileged through free martial arts training, life mentorship, charitable donations, gift drives and sponsored activities such as Movie Nights, Bowling Parties, Team BBQs, and more.

“Evolve MMA has a mission to change this world for the better by making a positive impact on the lives it touches. A big part of our joy stems from giving back to the community, especially to those less fortunate.

“Almost all our World Champions overcame a life of hardship and poverty with very little food and shelter. Martial arts gave them confidence, tenacity, discipline and a path to a better life. Inspired
by the life of Kru Yodtong Senanan, the Evolve Community Outreach Programme is a way for the Evolve Family (students, instructors, World Champions, fighters and staff) to give back to this world.

“With partners like the Boys Town Home, Singapore Children’s Society, Children’s Cancer Foundation and many other organisations, the Evolve Community Outreach Programme is a pro-bono programme for various orphanages, youth homes and charities and a platform to unleash the human potential through the martial arts.”

Currently a year one undergraduate pursuing dentistry at National University of Singapore, Wen Fei’s journey to her ultimate academic choice was initially met with many obstacles – the tough financial situation at home and everyone else’s ideal choice against hers.

Growing up in a low-income family, she witnessed her parents struggling to make ends meet with their humble little stall selling classic, comforting bowls of fishball noodles. The thought of taking up dentistry weighed heavily on Wen Fei’s mind, as she knew the costly fees meant needing to take up bank loans and adding to her parents’ financial burden.

On top of that, she was met with many disagreements from her family and relatives who encouraged her to take up medicine instead of dentistry for better career prospects. The ultimate deciding factor for Wen Fei to chase her dream of pursuing dentistry was her passion for the field where she sees herself helping people improve and maintain their oral health for a better, confident self.

From a young age, Wen Fei has always loved offering a helping hand to anyone in need as she believes it brings out the best in her while alleviating their struggles.

“I’m extremely honoured and thankful to be selected for the Evolve Warrior scholarship that is only awarded to one student per year,” said Wen Fei. “Winning this prestigious scholarship will definitely help me focus more on my academics and bring me a step closer to fulfilling my ambition to become a dentist.”

The Evolve Warrior Scholarship committee was also impressed with how she tackled personal issues, such as bullying and peer pressure, and moved beyond that to better herself.

“We were very impressed with Wen Fei’s warrior spirit and determination to fight for what she wants, her selfless passion of helping others, and her desire to constantly improve herself,” said Wesley De Souza, Vice-President, Evolve MMA. “At Evolve MMA we have a mission to change this world for the better by making a positive impact on the lives we touch. Giving back to the community, especially to those less fortunate, is a big part of this.

“Awarding the Evolve Warrior Scholarship for the first time, therefore, marks a very important milestone for us. We’re truly happy to support an individual like Wen Fei and play a part in fulfilling her dream of pursuing dentistry. We look forward to helping others like Wen Fei for many years to come.”

Established in 2018 in conjunction with Evolve MMA’s 10th anniversary, the Evolve  Warrior Scholarship aims to encourage individuals to unleash their full potential by awarding a scholarship through financial aid for his/her studies. Candidates of all nationalities who may or may not have commenced studies are welcome to apply for the scholarship which has no bond attached to it.

Every year, the Evolve Warrior Scholarship committee will select a recipient through a stringent selection process based on applications and interviews. Funds for the scholarship will be paid directly to the recipient’s chosen institution to cover a full year’s tuition of up to S$10,000. If the tuition fees for the year is less than S$10,000, the scholarship will cover the whole tuition bill.

As Asia’s number one martial arts academy, Evolve MMA has been helping many individuals over the past ten years through a comprehensive selection of martial arts classes, ranging from Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing to MMA, motivating these warriors to step out of their comfort zones and work through obstacles to achieve their goals.

The Evolve Warrior Scholarship is just one more way in which Evolve MMA can help people become the best version of themselves possible.

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