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Clean air quality essential to good health

 Improved air quality and home sanitisation have come to the fore as twin drivers in the fight against Covid-19 and one company is doing what it can to rise to the challenge.

Leading air quality experts Duct Doctors specialise in improving the quality of air we breathe both at home and at work by cleaning the ducts through which it travels.

With that complete the company focuses on deep cleaning and sanitisation to ensure the virus has nowhere to hide in the spaces we occupy.

Their efforts to help in the fight against the Covid-19 virus are backed by decades of experience in improving air quality – Duct Doctors is a leading producer of ducting systems that carry air in Singapore’s office buildings.

“Even before the arrival of Covid-19 we knew that having a good flow of quality clean air was essential to staying healthy,” said Mr. Chuun Cheng, Marketing Director at Duct Doctors. “Now it is imperative that these channels are well maintained.”

Landed properties are the easiest accommodations in which to do this, said Cheng, as generally there is only one occupant to decide to go ahead with air flow cleaning and management. Apartment and office buildings pose a bigger problem as they require building management companies and tenants to agree to a full cleanse of central air conditioning and air flow systems.

Duct Doctors urges all parties to see the importance of clean air quality and airway systems.

“We all know we need to eradicate the Covid-19 virus from our environment and one way to help with this is to ensure it has nowhere to hide,” said Cheng.

“Clean airway systems are at the forefront of maintaining good quality air flow – stage two is to ensure our spaces are regularly sanitised,” he added.

Studies show that poor air quality, damaging aerosol and micro-bacterial particles as well as mould, bacteria and fungi not only accentuate the risk of viral spread but are also the cause of a host of serious health problems.

“The ducting systems that carry the air we breathe both at home and at work are often subject to large temperature and humidity changes. These conditions inevitably produce moisture and undesirable particulate build-ups,” said Cheng.

Covid-19 has catapulted indoor air quality and space sanitization to the top of Singapore’s safety concerns and highlighted the need for building owners to ensure safe working and living environments for tenants and employees.

“Our antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral treatments cover all areas, including living rooms, working spaces, common spaces such as kitchens, dining areas, toilets and passageways,” said Cheng.

Australian Tea Tree Oil acts by killing bacteria and mould while inhibiting viral replication. “The safety and efficacy of Tea Tree Oil is well studied and documented to be a healthy and effective alternative to harsh chemical treatment agents,” said Cheng.

Duct Doctors provide thorough and extensive duct cleaning services with before and after scope reports to ensure that air conditioning systems are free from contaminants.

The company also specialises in deep cleaning and space sanitization of homes and offices and uses a process called ‘cold fogging’ to rapidly disperse active sanitation ingredients, killing undesirable microorganisms hiding in hard-to-reach zones.

Duct Doctors Pte Ltd

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