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Chef Negi creates exquisite new menu at Tiffin Room

The exuberant flavours and aromas of the spices of Indian gastronomy is on show at the Tiffin Room through an exciting limited-time collaboration marrying North Indian delights with Indian-inspired cocktails.

The exclusive event from 2 to 16 September 2021 at the historic Raffles Hotel Singapore has exquisite new menu creations specially crafted by Kuldeep Negi, Chef de Cuisine of Tiffin Room, and complemented with the signature tipples of Yugnes Susela, Founder of The Elephant Room.

Presenting a uniquely tantalising feast for the senses, each exceptional course is paired with a delectable Indian-accented cocktail from The Elephant Room, a culture-forward cocktail bar which pays homage to Singapore’s Indian heritage and culture.

Here Kuldeep Negi talks to Inside Recent about the specially-curated event:

What are the new dishes you have created?

In this four-course menu, each exceptional course from Tiffin Room is paired with a delectable Indian- accented cocktail from The Elephant Room, marrying North-Indian delights and Indian-inspired cocktails.

For this menu, I have created the following new dishes that include spices and ingredients that mirror the ingredients used in the cocktails from The Elephant Room:

To begin the meal, guests will delight in Jhinga Till Amrud, an appetiser consisting of crispy fried prawn heighted with sweet and spicy guava chutney and masala peanuts. The next course is Paan Galouti Kebab succulent lamb kebab freshly grilled in the tandoor and presented with fried betel leaves and a fragrant mango and rose petal chutney.

For the main course, guests will be treated to a flavoursome spread of delicacies presented in iconic copper tin boxes and served alongside a selection of Naan. This includes Achari Murgh Curry Chicken, a slightly spicy and tangy North Indian Curry with Chicken; Madras Fish Curry, sea bass curry made with a special spice blend; Dalcha Chop Masala, lamb chop curry with yellow lentils and spices; and Paneer Pulao, Indian Basmati rice cooked with cottage cheese and perfumed with cumin.

Finally, to end the meal, Gur Kheer and Gur Mini Cheena Pyas, a rich and creamy dessert combining rice and milk dumplings cooked with jaggery is served.

What is the focus?

The focus of this exclusive menu was to create dishes that would complement with the handcrafted cocktails from The Elephant Room for a unique gastronomic experience.

In addition, with the spotlight of this collaborative menu focusing on exuberant flavours and aromas of the spices of Indian gastronomy, the dishes presented in this menu pays homage to these flavours while keeping true to authentic North Indian cuisine which the Tiffin Room has been presenting throughout its rich history.

How does it gel with the drinks?
When creating these dishes and planning the collaborative menu, together with the team at The Elephant Room, we considered how each course will complement signature tipples from The Elephant Room.

Taking into account the flavour profile of the dish and its ingredients, each dish presented at each course nicely rounds up the course with perfectly paired cocktails.

For example, the appetiser Jhinga Till Amrud, crispy fried prawn heighted with sweet and spicy guava chutney and masala peanuts, is served alongside Buffalo Road from The Elephant Room which is a delicious take on gin & tonic featuring notes of pink guava as well, juniper spirit and vetiver, a light palate to start off the gastronomic journey.

Is it seasonal?
The limited-time menu is available exclusively from 2 to 16 September and is presented in the historic Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel Singapore

Which is your favourite?
My favourite pairing is the Paan Galouti Kebab with Race Course Plantation from The Elephant Room.

The melt-in-your-mouth kebab wafting with aromatic spices is a perfect complement to the blend of familiar sweet, toasty notes inspired by the lush sugarcane and coconut plantations of olden time Singapore.

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