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Reach your full potential with mental health app LaViCa

Journey to a calmer mind with easy, secure and affordable online counselling in Singapore through LaViCa, an online therapy app offering easy access to professional therapists.

Launched this month and joining efforts to raise awareness around World Mental Health Day on October 10, LaViCa aims to remove the stigma associated with mental health therapy by ensuring everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Anyone can access the App – simply download it from the App Store, Google Play or go online and book sessions directly with qualified local therapists. Clients can now choose available therapists based on a short bio to ensure their needs are matched and book sessions right away without subscribing.

One-on-one counselling is available through text, audio or video messaging at a fraction of the time and cost traditionally associated with mental health care.

Alternatively build your journey to positivity by using a suite of LaViCa tools to build productive routines.

“We created LaViCa to help people live better by providing access to affordable online therapy,” said Lauren Wan, Head of Client Experience.

Lauren has built her career on helping others reach their potential. Seeing others succeed is something she personally prioritizes and she greatly enjoys championing initiatives that help individuals be their best.

Having grown up in Singapore, Lauren is highly aware of the social view on accessing mental health treatment and is passionate about making it easier for everyone, regardless of background, home situation or financial position to access therapy in a convenient, affordable and secure manner.

Lauren (right) works closely with LaViCa therapists and the development team to make sure the App is constantly upgraded for the better. She uses her wealth of experience in hospitality to drive a user experience that is approachable, comfortable, and easy so that clients can use their energy in their therapy sessions on the App rather than navigating the complex local mental health landscape.

“We hope that the LaViCa App will open doors for more people to seek, access, and benefit from therapy so they may shine at their brightest,” she said.

The idea for LaViCa originated in Berlin and has since become international with people from different countries and continents working together towards the same goal, starting with Singapore.


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