MM Galleri’s $3 million all-marble room in Singapore

A 400 square metre room made totally from marble. Even the furniture has been chiselled, shaped and perfected from this metamorphic rock derived from limestone. It is simply dazzling. It is a $3 million piece of creative art that was unveiled on Friday (January 26) in Singapore at the MM Galleri on Chin Bee Avenue. The owners claim it is the first of its kind in the world.

What is stunning is how thinly marble has been cut to make the furniture and various shapes in the room. “It can be cut as thin as 1mm and shaped to our needs,” said Peter Tjioe, Creative Director, MM Galleri. “This is a result of the ‘bended marble’ technology that we (his Indonesia-based company) have developed.” By using this technology, thinly-sliced marble can “skin” any surface, curved on straight and from wall to furniture, lighting and even clothing.

A model at the launch wore a flowing gown whose collar was fashioned out of marble. Another wore a marble hat which was light but strong. There were also several statement pieces in the room, which Peter called cocoon, made from thinly-cut marble, including a reception counter, curved benches, chairs and tables and a bathtub that glowed with golden and black hues.

“With this technology, homes, offices and buildings can now own the beauty of marble without the ecological damage that traditional quarrying causes,” said Peter. “This revolutionary technology heralds a new world of possibilities about the shape and applications of marble. The ‘new stone age’ has arrived.”

Sharikat National, a turnkey business enterprise that develops and operates businesses involving building design, also partnered in the construction of the $3 million showroom.

Its managing director, Joseph Phang, was understandably upbeat about the collaboration. “Launching this technology here in Singapore is definitely a boost for the city’s image as a regional hub for cutting-edge technology and adds to the vibrancy of our buzzing building landscape,” he said. “As a veteran player in the building and logistics scene since the late 60s ourselves, this partnership with MM Galleri enables us to be at the forefront of innovation in this part of the world.”

Indeed, ‘bended marble’ technology is a game changer and the possibilities this technology offers to the world of marble are immense.  

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