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While the world is still getting to grips with Covid-19, businesses are remodelling and shifting their focus from globalisation to localisation.

Individuals are seeking to adapt to the new norm of working from home.

Amid the challenges, there is a silver lining as new possibilities open up.

For example, Gigworks, which was recently launched in Singapore, is a mobile application that seeks to give users flexible access to buy and sell quality services locally and regionally.

It has the objective of improving people’s lives by boosting their financial inclusion.

This is achieved by providing a secure, user-friendly platform for users to easily browse through a catalogue of available professional services.

Users can simply key in keywords and details of the services they need and the system will shortlist the sellers offering the specific services.

There is also a chat function through which the seller and buyer can communicate to ensure that the job deliverables are understood.

The instant review process also allows you to rate the seller in terms of professionalism and efficiency.

Gigworks provides increased work flexibility and income opportunity for freelancers and small businesses alike.

It aims to establish itself as the go-to e-commerce platform for the online professional service industry.

According to The Straits Times, 211,000 people in Singapore chose to do freelance work in 2019.

Freelance work is a trend that is likely to stay. The majority of workers in the United States are set to be be freelancers by2027.

Organisations are likely to utilise a pool of freelancers to complete their projects.

Gigworks is here to bridge the gap between job opportunities for different social classes, while tapping on economic trends that connect innovation ecosystems around the world.

Glenn Tay (above), the CEO and Founder of Gigworks, believes that, though this is a time of great uncertainty, it can also be a time of great opportunity.

Gigworks aims to bring hope to many and help them through this difficult time.

“The mission of Gigworks is to bring stellar work opportunities that is a match to people’s talents and capabilities with ease,” he said. “We want to help people improve their lives as well as financial situation by providing easy access to a myriad of good work projects via our platform. The possibilities are limitless.”
Freelancers as well as organisations can sign up via the Gigworks app to offer a service or request for
one. The app is available for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play store.

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