Vaccinated Travel Lane from Singapore to Spain OPEN

Starting October 19, travelling to Spain and finally enjoying a nice slow vacation or a relaxing time with family and friends will be almost as easy as it was before Covid-19 hit the world.

From October 19, travellers who are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 will be able to return to Singapore from Spain without serving quarantine, provided they comply with the requirements of the VTL established by the government of Singapore indicated here.

Add to this that Spain has been open to Singapore since the beginning of the year and thus travellers just need to fill up a health control form online to enter, making the trip hassle free.

There is no need for any diagnostic test and no vaccination certificate required to enter or while in Spain to enjoy restaurants, museums or any other tourism attraction.

The improvement of the epidemiological situation in Spain and the high number of vaccinated population has made possible to ease the measures for entry into Spain for tourist purposes. This year’s summer was a very successful pilot of tourists moving around Spain with ease and confidence.

Spain offers safe services: health control measures continue to be applied in the areas of cleaning and disinfection, along with social distancing, promotion of hand hygiene and use of face masks on public transport or in enclosed spaces. Masks are not mandatory in openspaces when you can keep the required safety distance.

Also, do not forget that some regions of Spain offer free Covid-19 coverage for international travellers if they get sick during their stay.

For the most updated travel safe information in visiting Spain, please visit:

**The list of high risk countries /areas, as well as the criteria used to define them, is reviewed every seven days.
This data is valid from 11-17th October. Updates in this list will be posted here:

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