Top items to carry while travelling

With the announcements of more Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL), people with their family and friends may have made plans to travel. However, safety should be the top priority of all. Here is a guide to items that they should carry while travelling:

Sharp Face Shield
Extra protection from any air-borne particles, especially in closed environments like on flight.

Sharp face shield is designed to reduce reflection and fog and achieves super clear view with SHARP’s special film processing technology from LCD panels technology in Japan, allowing added protection yet crystal clear view. The Sharp Face Shield significantly reduces the reflection of light such as sunlight and prevents fogging between conversations.

Available at Sharp eStore:
Price: $69 per unit

Sharp Face Mask
A must have for travelling, certified under the Europe standard to keep you safe

Sharp Surgical Medical Face Mask comes with 3 layered protection, elastic fibre easy fit comfort ear loops, high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) 98% and medical grade middle & water repellent outer layer. The product is certified under Europe standard (EN14683) and has 50 sheets per box.

Available at Sharp eStore:
Price: $39 per box of 50 masks

Sholayered Fabric & Mask Spray
Stay refreshed, even when you have to “mask up” all day

Sholayered Fabric & Mask Spray has a scent of clear mint gently eases the physical and emotional tension. It relieves users from invisible stress and gives them a peace of mind. The pleasant scent that spreads through the body leads to calm rhythms of your heart. The mask spray contains 90% ethyl alcohol (alias: ethanol) that is known to have a disinfection effect and a certain amount of natural peppermint oil and peppermint leaf oil.

Available at Sholayered Pop-up Booth, Takashimaya, B1 and Walking on Sunshine
Official Website:
Price: $26 per 60ml bottle

Otterbox iPhone Cases
Keeping travellers’ precious gadget and memories safe.

Otterbox is No.1 selling smartphone case brand in the US, offers a wide variety of iPhone cases to meet the needs of Apple fans everywhere. The rugged Defender series, versatile commuter series, slim symmetry series, cute and functional Otter + Pop and sophisticated Strada Series make up a full line-up of cases to cover new iPhone 13 Devices from daily drops and bumps. OtterBox also offers cases for MagSafe, with Defender Series XT and Symmetry Series+, with a wide selection of colors and graphics, there’s a style to suit everyone. OtterBox also offers Amplify and Alpha Glass screen protection to keep the display free from scratches.

Available at Official Website:
Price: $49.90-$99.90

Lifeproof iPhone Cases
Be it for travels to cities or outdoor adventures, Lifeproof will keep travellers’ iPhones protected

LifeProof aims to build products that inspires individuals to get lost in the now. With LifeProof’s effort to repurpose ocean-based plastics, you can feel good about your plans to keep your phone protected. It’s perfect for everyone from independents to athletes, scenesters to world travellers – feel free to use the cases to feed your passion because Lifeproof is made to follow you into the moment. LifeProof cases includes WAKE, NEXT and SEE featuring recycled materials and a colourful assortment of waterproof FRE and FRE with MagSafe and are now available for iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Available at Official Website:
Price: $59-$159

Huiji Herbalmint Lozenges
Soothe irritated throats with these all-natural lozenges

Made from 100% natural medicinal herbs and plants, the Huiji Herbalmint Lozenges is perfect for quick relief for cough and helps to soothe the irritated throat. As there is no added alcohol content, it does not cause drowsiness.

Available at Official Website:
Price: $2 per box of 10

Casio GBD-H1000 Smartwatch 
Keep track of heart-rate measures with these smart watches

Casio G-SQUAD GBD-H1000 features an optical sensor for heart rate measurement, along with bearing, altitude/barometric pressure, and temperature sensors. The new smartwatch is built with all the toughness of a G-SHOCK, with shock resistance and 200-meter water resistance. With Wear OS by Google, the GSW-H1000 allows you to access important information at a glance, like messages and phone calls, notifications, agenda, weather forecast, and more.

Available at and all G-SHOCK stores
Price: $599

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