Tamu Group ties up with Ultimate Performance Fitness to supply Five10Fibre

The Tamu Group, a Singapore based agri-processor and manufacturer of natural functional ingredients, has signed an agreement with Ultimate Performance Fitness (UP) to cooperate in reformulating their range of fibre supplements. This is in line with UP's continued quest to offer their client base a market leading service and premium range of supplements.

UP Global COO Joseph Halstead said: "We are excited about partnering with the Tamu Group to assist us in reformulating some of our existing fibre supplements and also create new premium fibre supplements around Five10FibreTM to ensure that we continue to offer our clients access to the best supplements with proven functionality and health benefits that the market has to offer."

Scientists at the University of Melbourne recently confirmed the presence of a significant quantity of polyphenolic compounds and flavonoids in Five10FibreTM.  Polyphenols are responsible for a wide range of health benefits including reduced sugar uptake.

Dr Jonathan Middis, Chief Technical Officer at the Tamu Group, said: "We were always confident of the beneficial impact of cane fibre such as Five10FibreTM as part of a healthy diet. The Tamu Group's Five10FibreTM is a way for manufacturers to improve the nutritional quality of their products and to help consumers increase their natural fibre intake. We are excited to be working with UP to develop great new fibre supplements to help more of their clients benefit from sugar cane fibre."

The Tamu Group is an agricultural processing company innovating and manufacturing healthy functional ingredients. It runs an active Research and Development programme including fundamental research, processing development and product applications.  It uses combinations of existing, novel and patented technologies to produce innovative products that help the food industry reformulate and diversify into healthier products and food ranges. For more information, visit

Ultimate Performance is a group of market leading personal training facilities setting the global standard for personal training.  Founded and led by Nick Mitchell, UP has been the gold standard for personal training since it opened its first training facility in the City of London in 2009. UP is known in the industry for setting standards and delivering results. UP now operates in 15 locations around the globe.

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