Stock your home bar with peated whisky

With a varied range of whisky available in the market and within Diageo Rare & Exceptional’s portfolio, the world of whisky might seem daunting for someone new to the category.

How does one decide what to start with or try next?

The right answer is really dependent on one’s personal taste preferences, and Diageo Rare & Exceptional possesses a wide offering that caters to all, spanning across the four main flavour profiles – Smoky (or Peaty), Spicy, Fruity and Sweet.

This month, we spotlight one of the most distinctive flavours in whisky – peat. Made of decomposing underground plant matter formed over thousands of years, peat is harvested by hand and used as fuel to stop the germination process of barley.

For the uninitiated, a typical peated whisky tastes smoky and woody, with notes of campfire, wood smoke, leather, salt, and even smoked meat.

Originally practised in the distilleries of Islay, this unique style quickly became an acquired taste favoured by many. Peated whisky is now produced all over the world, elevating a wide range of flavour profiles with varying intensities.

To further complement the experience, many enjoy their dram with cheese, chocolate, and oysters.

Explore the world of peat with these precious liquids from Diageo Rare & Exceptional here:

Caol Ila 25 Year Old
Known for its unique style of peated whisky, distilleries in the Islay region of Scotland are close to the sea and exposed to tempestuous weather conditions. Matured for a minimum of 25 years in a mixture of American & European oak casks, Caol Ila 25 is well-balanced with smouldering charcoal and maritime notes. Its trademark smoky-medicinal character is controlled, and leaves a long, sweetly drying, smoky finish.

Lagavulin 12 Year Old – Special Release 2020
An iconic Islay malt with a history of over 200 years, Lagavulin is fondly known as the “King of Islay”. Matured in traditional refill American oak casks, the single vintage Lagavulin 12 is soft and smooth in texture with a big taste that is sweeter than expected. With a long, intense, and deeply smoky finish, it is the perfect expression of the distillery’s character.

John Walker & Sons King George V  
Led by a small team of Master Blenders, Johnnie Walker brings an indulgent blend of whiskies, hand-selected from distilleries that were in existence during King George V’s reign. An abundance of spice and dried fruits, balanced with creamy sweetness, John Walker & Sons King George V finishes with a beautiful, intense maritime smokiness.

Talisker 15 Year Old – Special Release 2019
Famous for its full bodied, rich character and powerful peppery finale, Talisker is made by the sea, on the shores of Skye since 1830. Matured in freshly charred American oak hogsheads, Talisker 15 encompasses the sweetness, depth of taste and complexity of the mature distillery character with a fresh intensity. Sweet, spicy, and lightly drying, it leaves a thread of smoke on the tongue.

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