Revolutionary digital payment platform, UNPAY, marks foray into Singapore

UNPay aims to connect all mainstream payment services within three years globally


UNPay, one-stop intelligent aggregation payment platform, announced today its official launch in Singapore, marking its foray into Asia's leading financial hub. At the core of UNPay's capabilities lies its unique ability to provide one single application programming interface (API) that can solve the multiple and fragmented payment channels faced by merchants today. It also offers merchants a simplified one-stop portal or dashboard for all their accounting needs.

Its advanced technology is developed and constantly refined by talents scouted from renowned companies in the technology and financial industries such as Alibaba, Baidu?JD and NETS. In the face of increasingly sophisticated fraudsters, UNPay leverages on artificial intelligence to detect and prevent transactional fraud in real time, thus minimising the risk of transactional losses, and offering merchants peace of mind to focus on their businesses.

Within a short span of time, UNPay has rapidly established local teams in countries such as Indonesia, New Zealand, Europe, and China beside Singapore. Founded in the fourth quarter of 2017, UNPay was already highly sought after by many fintech unicorns in the capital market even before it attained public funding. It eventually completed its initial funding with three investment institutions valued at over USD 63 million.

UNPay's commitment to the industry and local resourcing is unique. It believes in a "glocal" mindset? assembling local teams and working with local businesses who understand the local markets and regulations?while deploying a global outlook. Its entities in the local markets also mean a direct connection with banks and financial institutions, which translates into lower transaction fees.

Though new in the region today, UNPay has ambitious plans. It aims to form strategic partnerships with major payment players locally and establish an extensive payment network that is set to benefit hundreds of thousands of merchants. UNPay targets to cover all major countries across the globe within three years, with a vision of creating a supersized payment network.

At the helm of this promising fintech startup is its founder and CEO, Mr Zhang Zhenghua. Zhenghua is one of the most recognised and prominent figures in China's online payment industry today. As one of pioneers in Alipay, Zhenghua was responsible for leading Alibaba's financial arm to become the largest third-party payment in China today.

Zhenghua, who was also the brains behind Baidu's financial arm, singlehandedly developed Baidu Wallet, Payment and Money from scratch. Today, Baidu Wallet is one of the most commonly used mobile payment platforms in China.

"The proliferation of smart devices has advanced the development of digital payments, allowing a myriad of online payment methods to burst into the market today. These range from digital wallets to digital apps and credit cards, each offering varying benefits, rewards and convenience to consumers," expressed Mr Zhang Zhenghua, founder and CEO of UNPay.

"However, this has resulted in a fragmented payment network, forming multiple silo walls between each payment gateway. This has become a pain point for merchants who struggle with complex accounting systems. Our aim is to bridge the gap by providing a unified platform among all mainstream modes of payments. In addition, our revolutionary yet simplified technology comes with a secure real-time fraud detection system. This greatly minimises the risk of financial losses to merchants who will have peace of mind to focus on what's important -- their businesses," Mr Zhang added.

Currently, UNPay's one-stop digital payment platform can support all major payment methods in Singapore including banks, credit cards, third-party payments, direct carrier billing, prepaid cards. Merchants can expect professional and efficient technical support, with transaction rates lower than those in the market. Upcoming in the pipeline, merchants can also look forward to value-added services such as SaaS cloud services, AI, big data, consumer finance, and supply chain financing on UNPay's open platform. For more information, please visit

About UNPay

UNPay (, a new Fintech open platform provider with its regional office headquartered in Singapore, is dedicated to aggregating mainstream electronic payment modes across the globe.

UNPay provides sellers worldwide with a one-stop intelligent aggregation payment platform that aims to unify multiple collection channels and simplify complicated payment account verifications. Its single-point fast access can satisfy the fragmented payment demands of sellers anywhere in the world to achieve borderless collections.

UNPay's founding team members comprises top leaders in Asia's Internet Financial industry from Baidu Wallet, Alipay, WeChat pay and Its core team members include industry veterans from NETS in Singapore and Kartuku from Indonesia.

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