NYNJA, Creators of World’s First Blockchain-Enabled Global Communications and Commerce Platform, Coming to Tokyo for d10e

In Keynote Address, NYNJA's Chief Strategy Officer will discuss Open Unity and how the NYNJA ecosystem unifies communications, commerce and governance on the blockchain.


NYNJA Group Ltd., a global communications and mobile technology company, announced presentation of the world's first blockchain-enabled communications platform and on-demand marketplace at d10e Tokyo, one of the world's leading conferences on decentralization. NYNJA's Chief Strategy Officer, Marshall Taplits, will introduce NYNJA, a cross-device platform built for individuals and enterprises, enabling communication, cross-border trade and secure payments in a decentralized on-demand cryptocurrency marketplace. Taplits will present NYNJA in a keynote address on the morning of April 30th.

"Japan is an important strategic market with a strong influence on the development of NYNJA as a world-leading communications and commerce platform," said Mr. Taplits. "Presenting the NYNJA platform at d10e Tokyo gives us an opportunity to engage with future users and demonstrate how NYNJA unifies communication, commerce and governance on the blockchain."

Taplits will discuss NYNJA within the context of 'open unity', a global trend through which decentralized and democratized socio-economic systems operate with optimal security, privacy, efficiency and reliability. The keynote will also introduce the overall vision and roadmap for NYNJA. The NYNJA team will also be showing a working alpha version of the platform for mobile devices.

"As the global conversation and legislation around communication technology evolves, NYNJA offers a truly global and democratized approach to how we organize ourselves as individuals, businesses and communities," said Taplits. "Our product and platform enables communication, commerce and governance on a global scale; and we are opening the platform up through SDK's and API's, so others can develop applications that make use of our blockchain and communications infrastructure."

Other notable d10e Tokyo presenters include Jason King, CEO of Unsung; Brock Pierce, co-founder of Blockchain Capital; Crystal Rose, CEO of Sense; and Alex Lightman, CEO of Token Communities, Plc. For more information about the conference, visit

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NYNJA Group Limited is a Hong Kong-based company building the world's first cross-platform mobile communicator with embedded multi-currency crypto-wallet and on-demand marketplace on top of a blockchain ecosystem. The NYNJA communicator combines voice, text and visual messaging with robust business management and e-commerce features, all powered by its own blockchain-based ecosystem. With this novel communicator, users can exchange freelance services and virtual goods, as well as access exclusive content and earn tokens for viewing ads or using branded material.

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