Kazakh embassy drives tree planting at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Kazakhstan’s embassy in Singapore in collaboration with the Singapore Botanic Gardens planted 30 trees as part of the One Million Trees Movement On 25 April, 2021 at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The OneMillionTrees movement aims to restore nature back into Singapore through the planting of more than a million trees across the island over the next 10 years. Till May 22, 2021, 212,943 trees have been planed across Singapore.

Kazakhstan celebrates its 30th anniversary of independence this year. And the 30 trees planted on 25 April was symbolic of that.

The event was attended by officials from Singapore and Kazakhstan, including Singapore’s Ambassador to Kazakhstan Zulkifli Baharudin and Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Arken Arystanov, representatives from academic and business circles, students and the Kazakh diaspora in Singapore.

“I had the great pleasure to join Kazakhstan’s Ambassador Arken Arystanov and the Kazakh community here to plant 30 trees at the Singapore Botanic Gardens marking our diplomatic relations,” said Mr Zulkifli.

“In 1991 , Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew planted a tree in Shymkent prior to  Kazakhstan’s independence and to this day it remains a symbol of our strong and growing relationship.

“Kazakhstan has been a great supporter in helping the Botanic Gardens secure recognition as a UNESCO Heritage Site. It is thus apt that Kazakhstan now has a permanent place here.

“On a more personal note, Botanic Gardens is a sentimental place where my wife and I spend most early mornings to start the day. Now we have more reasons to watch over the tree that we have planted. I am fortunate to also have my dear friend Talgat Turumbayev to also plant a tree.

“Coincidentally, the tree we planted is a  native species of Borneo, Mersawa Durian, but now it is in danger of extinction as it has been over harvested for its strong timber qualities.

“I pray that Kazakhstan will grow strong and healthy and  also thrive and mature to rediscover its rich and glorious past and be a beacon of hope, peace and admiration for the world in the years ahead.”

The Kazakhstan embassy expressed its deep gratitude to the Singapore Botanic Gardens for the opportunity to organise such a wonderful project and those who participanted and supported the initiative: Indira Babyeva, Yeo Bee Yan, Talgat Turumbayev, Shingis Madakhmetov, Shareef Bin Abdul Jaffar, Roger Tham, Yerlan Kubashev, Tahmina Kubasheva, Meruyert Yermekova, Meruyert Japarova, Dina Baikie, Laura Baikie, Tan Shun Li, Sultan Marenov, Vitaliy Alexandrov, Gaukhar Ali-Aidarova, David Ali-Aidarov, Altynay Sadibekova, Kaniyet Rayev, Nursultan Imanberdiyev, Turar Imangali, Aliya Khairullayeva, Marat Birimzhan, Abzal Akhmetzhanov, Malik Batyrbekov, Zauzat Adbenbaeva, Alikhan Batyrbekov, Alisa Nikizheva, Santosh Kumar, Cici Zhang, Aisulu O., Zhanel T.

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