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Innovative paperless tax refunds

Approved by the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS), Tourego is the world’s first mobile tourist tax refund solution, and the only Singaporean tax refund company.

This innovative paperless solution migrates the current paper-based tax refund process onto the Tourego app, allowing users to receive and store their refund tickets in an e-wallet.

Tourego is also a travel companion that provides tourists with the latest shopping, food and travel tips about Singapore. There is also a shopping list function that recommends Tourego retailers as users put together a wish-list.

Already spanning more than 100 doors in Singapore, the Tourego retailer network coverage is expected to increase with more partner announcements expected in the coming months.

Singaporean entrepreneur Tan Tie Wee, Founder and CEO of Tourego, explains: “Tourego wants to be Singapore’s solution to the worldwide problem of tourists spending too much time at airports trying to get their tax refund back. Our mobile app enhances the shopping experience for tourists, helps our retail partners improve their retail operations efficiency and gain big data insights into the consumer behaviour of their tourist customers.”

Launched for the first time in Singapore, the Tourego app is free to download, but is currently only available to non-Singaporeans (eligible tourists for tax refund) to register for an account.

For more information about Tourego, please visit

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