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Cafedirect brings terroir whole coffee beans from Africa and Peru to Singapore

Cafédirect, the UK’s first *B Corp certified coffee company and the first and largest 100% Fairtrade and award-winning company, brings terroir whole coffee beans from the lofty peaks in Africa and Peru to Singapore – the Cafédirect Terroir Whole BeansMachu Picchu Coffee and the Cafédirect Terroir Whole Beans Kilimanjaro Coffee.

Two from its range of five terroir mountain coffees direct from the growers, these exquisite 100% Arabica beans originate from high up in the mountains where the nutrient-rich volcanic soil and unique terroir nourishes the beans and coaxes out the flavours expected in premium coffee.  Such whole beans appeal to coffee lovers who have a hankering for grinding their own beans for the extraordinary freshness and taste it provides.

Cafédirect operates its business as a force for good, working closely with coffee co-operatives to build a more sustainable supply chain. It reinvests 50% of its profits back into these grower communities to help improve the farmers’ livelihoods.  Cafédirect also collaborates with the small farmers to harvest better quality beans, obtain more volume and develop a robust supply chain — benefits that are passed on to consumers round the world in every pack of its coffee…sustainably.

In December 2018, Cafédirect won 2 UK Social Enterprise Awards:

  • UK Social Enterprise of the Year – The overall award for a social enterprise that has a clear vision, excellence in impact, and that has demonstrated and promoted social enterprise beyond the sector.
  • International Impact – For a social enterprise working internationally and are having a big impact in their field.

Cafédirect Terroir Whole Beans Kilimanjaro Coffee

A labour of love for the growers at Tanzania’s Native Co-operative Union (KNCU), Africa’s oldest co-operative, these 100% Arabica, Bourbon, Kent beans are tenderly nurtured, showered in the pure mountain streams from the melting snows at its summit before being harvested from the tallest mountain in Africa. The coffee crops are given time to slowly dry in the shade of the surrounding banana trees, allowing their natural sweetness and flavours to fully blossom.  

The beans are then washed and expertly medium-roasted to a strength of 3 to impart a brew of its specific terroir that is lively, bright and complex with hints of natural blackcurrant sweetness. Pair it with a slice of lemon cake to amplify that zing, and savour that crisp aftertaste. Deliciously aromatic, and guilt-free.

Cafédirect Terroir Whole Beans Machu Picchu Coffee

Cafédirect also collaborates closely with the growers of Huadquiña co-operative in Peru, funding the training of their smallholder grower members. The coffee beans originate from some of the steepest slopes on the verdant Peruvian Andes in South America (at altitude 1,800m to 2,200m). They are certified 100% Arabica beans which are 100% Organic, Bourbon, Typica, Caturra washed and regaled for its uniquely rich, smooth brew. In smallholdings found along the Inca trail itself, these superb beans are hand-cultivated and picked when ripe with the utmost care by the patient growers.

The Machu Picchu beans are given time to soak up some sun, a hand-crafted process which preserves their natural sweetness and flavour. The marriage of high altitude, fecund volcanic soil and the unique micro-climate of the Machu Picchu region births a full-bodied terroir coffee with natural fine, dark overtones of chocolate. Roasted to a strength of 4, it will satisfy cravings for a morning pick-me-up perhaps taken as a shot of espresso. Alternatively, if a sensuous evening experience is sought, serve the libation in a cafetière at the dinner table with chocolates.

Enjoy a Cafédirect caffeine fix and relish in the knowledge that the indulgence takes no toil on the environment.

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