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Buzud Oxygen Concentrators enter Singapore market

Singapore brand Buzud, which specialises in medical and beauty devices, launched its Oxygen Concentrator on November 22 at its retail store, located at Raffles Hospital in Bugis.

The patented Oxygen Concentrator, which is approved by Singapore’s Health Sciences Authority (HSA), has an oxygen purity level of 93% to 96% when the flow rate is between 0.5 to 5L per minute.

The term “purity” refers to the quality of the concentrated oxygen available to a patient. An oxygen concentrator should have a medical grade oxygen content of no less than 90 per cent and no more than 96 per cent.

Oxygen concentrators take in air from the room and filter out nitrogen. The process provides higher amounts of  oxygen needed for therapy, especially for recovering patients.

The Buzud Oxygen Concentrator  is suitable for home use and especially beneficial for COVID-19 recovery.

For example, a patient suffering from COVID-19 will require  oxygen therapy when his shortness of breath progresses to a more severe stage. Supplementary oxygen therapy will provide him with additional days to alleviate and deal with the symptoms.
It also helps the elderly and people suffering from asthma.

“With new variants of the coronavirus being discovered almost every other week, it is important for people in Singapore to safeguard their health,” said Buzud’s CEO Frankie Fan (above, left). “The latest Omicron variant is said to be a silent killer. It deposits in the lungs and weakens the body. Soon vital organs are affected and the lungs shrink. It becomes difficult for the person to breathe on his own. Our Buzud Oxygen Concentrator pumps out pure oxygen and it helps the person recover and survive along with other medication.”
Having a Buzud Oxygen Concentrator at home serves several purposes:
* Supplies non-stop oxygen to people suffering from COVID-19 and whose lung function is severely damaged.
* Helps those who are discharged from hospital to recover.
* Provides supplemental oxygen to the elderly whose heart and lung functions become weaker with age.
* Reduces chances of paralysis for the elderly who suffer from high blood pressure, high blood sugar and high cholesterol.
* Protects the skin from accelerated aging and promotes metabolism.
* Aids recovery from strenuous exercise or body fatigue.
* Gives supplemental oxygen to people to receive medical attention.
* Makes sleeping easy for obese people by helping them breathe better..
*  Increases energy levels.
* Improves mood.
* Improves concentration.
* Improves sports performance.
*  Reduces stress.
* Provides relief for headache and migraine.

“The Buzud Oxygen Concentrator has many advantages,” said China-born Mr Fan, who decided to set up an office in Singapore after a Covid travel ban forced him to remain in the island following a meeting with a business client in early 2020. “It is simplr to operate, convenient to carry and much cheaper compared to similar equipment available in the market. Our after-sale service is also excellent.”

The Buzud brand also has the backing and expertise of Fosun Trade (Fosun Group  is ranked 371 on the Forbes Global 2000 List) , a well-known Chinese conglomerate in the medical manufacturing and supplies business.

Mr Fan has entered into a strategic partnership with Fosun Trade to start Roffe International Buzud as a Singapore brand and grow in South-East Asia and globally.

In early 2020, he incorporated Roffe International, which now has more than 20 staff. On November 22, its first showroom, which also features other Buzud medical and beauty devices including oximeters, ventilators, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters and beauty devices, was opened at Raffles Hospital.

Mr Fan, a serial entrepreneur who began to pursue his passion for healthcare in 2009, plans to establish a Buzud research and development centre and a manufacturing plant in Jurong by early 2023. The two units will generate at least 200 jobs.

“It is important to operate out of Singapore because it is a hi-tech development, manufacturing, financial and logistics hub,” said Mr Fan.  “International buyers source for materials and equipment from Singapore and, if you have quality products, their visibility and usage will increase and the demand will be widespread.”

Buzud’s showroom is located at:
585 North Bridge Road
#01-02 Raffles Hospital
Singapore 188770
For enquiries, please contact:
Ms Goh Jing Yuan
Roffe International Holdings
Tel: +65 65189959
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
For more information about Roffe International Holdings, please visit:
Information provided in this article is not intended as medical advice. Users or their family members should consult their doctors if they have any specific medical questions in relation to the use of Oxygen Concentrators.
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