Big Bad Wolf book sale debuts in Singapore

The highly anticipated Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is finally coming to Singapore! The new launch date is from 15–18 October 2020. The NEW e-commerce site will be launched alongside the debut of the book sale.

Jacqueline Ng, Co-Founder of The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, said: “With a mission to build a new generation of readers and spread the joy of reading, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is finally coming to Singapore for the first time! With the launch of the e-commerce site, it will allow anyone in any part of the island to have access to the Online Book Sale from the comfort of their homes.

“With more than 20 million of books and over 40,000 book titles, every visit to The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is going to be different yet delightful!”

She added that “the safety of our customers and staff are our utmost priority and we believe this first-time online experience would truly be an experience that will unite all book enthusiasts in Singapore.”

The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale is a global reading advocacy. It believes in creating a love for reading, inspiring people to chase their dreams and empower everyone with knowledge.

Armed with the mission to make books accessible to EVERYONE, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale haw set its footprints in Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Cambodia, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Myanmar and Taiwan, leaving in each country its successful trademark of providing easy access to affordable books!

In 2020, the Sale has toured 33 cities across 11 countries. In each city, the English readership and demand for books have gone up.

The sale in Singapore will be made even more convenient and accessible to all with the launch of its online site with all the purchases shipped directly to shoppers.

Readers will be able to find bestsellers, novels, science fiction, romance, literature, novels, business books, self-help, architecture books, cookbooks and many more.

The Online Sale also includes a wide collection of children’s books; storybooks, activity books, board books, colouring books, picture books, and featured interactive books.

There’s no better time than now to start picking up books to read again or even build a library at home for the children!

If that’s not a good enough reason for you to start shopping for the books, here’s another irresistible one! You can save between 50% and 90% on recommended retail prices on brand-new English books you find at the sale!

The entire Big Bad Wolf Books inventory is going to be well stocked with millions of new books to ensure that every visit to the site is going to be a different yet fruitful one!

The Sale has always been a physical event in the past, but with the pandemic at play and social distancing measures in mind, The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale will launch its ecommerce website (GOING LIVE ON 15 October 2020).

To celebrate its inaugural launch here in Singapore, more exclusive discounts such as the following will be extended during the Sale.

*Magical Book Specials – Buy 2 Get 1 Free OR Buy 3 Get 2 Free.

*Exclusive for OCBC Cardholders: For purchases below S$99 during the Big Bad Wolf Online Book Sale Singapore 2020, OCBC cardholders will be entitled to a
S$1.90** Flat Rate Shipping Fee. Simply apply the promo code: OCBCFR190 when making payment using OCBC credit cards to enjoy. **This promotion is valid to the first 10,000 orders made by OCBC cardholders using the promo code. After which a flat rate of S$4.90 shipping fee is applicable for purchases below S$99.

*Free Shipping for all purchases over S$99.


Known as the World’s Biggest Book Sale, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale specialises in providing the widest selection of books possible at the lowest possible prices. It offers brand-new books at discounts as high as 50% to 90%, with the primary aim of encouraging people of all ages to discover the joys of affordable, accessible reading.

Driven by passion, Andrew Yap and Jaqueline Ng (the brainchild of BookXcess Co-Founders) launched the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale in 2009 as a warehouse sale in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, providing an exciting array of excess books from international distributors.

The affordable prices and easy availability of the books proved to be a huge attraction and in no time, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale turned into a landmark
event nationwide.

Apart from Malaysia and Sri Lanka, the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale has also successfully extended its footprint across cities in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Myanmar, Taiwan, Cambodia and Korea, with no plans to stop making reading affordable for readers around
the world.

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