Astrology: Your week ahead

From Sept 23 to Sept 30, 2018

By Bonnan


Focus on working hard, you will reap rewards. Stay motivated, you are on the cusp of a new beginning. Do not spend extravagantly. Save for unexpected bills. You will get bitten by the love bug. Throw out the old.


You are set to move in a new direction. The powers that be favour you. Love and romance are favoured. So, go out and enjoy! A job offer will come your way which will give you more power and prestige. Buy new clothes.


You can overcome any competition. Travel opportunities beckon. Go back to your spiritual roots, make it a habit to visit a temple or church. Socialising will become a part of your life. Get back to working out daily.


You will be dependent on others. But your popularity is growing and soon you will be independent. Look out for good property deals. You will enjoy eating out. A former lover will return to haunt you. The loan you gave will be returned.


You will take independent decisions and broaden your horizons by travelling far or furthering your education. A relationship will break, but that will benefit you. A tough question needs a quick answer. A new cycle is about to begin.


Stay focused as you tend to wander. Be careful in your dealings as a partner might cheat you. Make every effort to find the right romantic mate. Your tastes are changing and you need to refresh your wardrobe. Don’t splurge on the good things.


A few important things in your life will come to an end. You will come out successful in a test of strength. The girl you fancy will agree to be your mate. Buy a lottery ticket but do not dabble much in the stock market.


You will get inspired by a friend and make changes to your lifestyle. Let go of what you have outgrown. A chance meeting can lead to a long-lasting love relationship. Attend events as you are likely to bump into a VIP who will help your career to blossom.


You will find the answers to the questions that have been nagging you. Work with people who are experienced in the field. Your financial hardships will come to an end. Don’t get taken for a ride when it comes to the matters of the heart.


You will have the drive to achieve your goals. Be more assertive and resourceful and track down the best deals. Keep a check on your emotions. Initiate plans and carry them out. You will spend more time with influential people.


Come out of your comfort zone and kick those personal goals into high gear. It is time to upgrade and buy the things that you always wanted to. Do meditation regularly and work out in the gym. Spend more time with people who are close to you.


The situation is right for you to grown in your workplace. Purge negative thoughts and detox. Group activities will be beneficial. The potential for romance is high. Go out and socialize but do not stay out too late. Good sleep is essential.

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