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Ammakase: A neo-Indian omakase fine dining experience

Singapore has welcomed a revolutionary new addition to its dining scene with the grand opening of ammakase, a Neo-Indian Omakase Fine Dining restaurant located in the heart of the city.

Guests can embark on a delectable journey along the coast of India and Sri Lanka, with dishes capturing culinary artistry with the rich tapestry of flavours from the subcontinent.

An Indian interpretation of the Japanese “Omakase” concept, which involves placing one’s trust in the chef’s skills to create a personalised meal, ammakase’s menu features traditional recipes passed down by mothers (amma), and are prepared using avant-garde techniques with influences from Japan, France, Italy, Korea, and other Asian cuisines.

Commenting on the opening, Executive Chef Abhijit Saha, the creative force behind ammakase, said: “I am thrilled to introduce ammakase to Singapore’s vibrant culinary scene. We’re not just any restaurant; ammakase is a celebration of the diversity of flavours, and is a testament to the warmth of a mother’s love. Every dish tells a story and every bite evokes a memory, yet is something diners haven’t tried before. Singapore’s dynamic gastronomic landscape provides the perfect canvas for us to redefine the dining experience, and I’m very excited to surprise and delight our guests.”

Ammakase is a sub-continental dining oasis in the heart of Singapore where culinary artistry meets the rich tapestry of Indian flavours in a truly bespoke dining experience with the warmth of a mother’s love. Your taste buds will be tantalised by its unique regional Indian cuisine and meticulous pairings.

Indian Omakase

ammakase is the Indian interpretation of Japanese Omakase. Omakase is a Japanese dining experience that involves placing one’s trust in the chef’s culinary skills to create a personalized meal. The term omakase translates to ‘I leave it up to you’, which reflects the diner’s willingness to relinquish control over their meal to the chef. Without a menu, the dining is a surprise experience!

Mothers’ Recipes & Avant-garde Culinary Techniques

Its unique Neo-Indian cuisine curates traditional recipes from Mothers across the states along the Coast of India and Sri Lanka. The cuisine is prepared in Avant-garde Culinary Techniques such as Japanese, French, Italian, Korean, Asian, etc.

Farm to Fork

Its Farm to Fork programme exemplifies a sustainable dining model, collaborating closely with local farms to ensure a seasonal and locally sourced menu. This initiative enhances the restaurant’s commitment to quality and authenticity, reducing environmental impact through minimised transportation. By supporting local agriculture, it not only provide fresh, traceable ingredients but also contribute to the resilience of regional farming communities.


Executive Lunch
4 Course Menu from $79++

Indulgence Lunch & Dinner
6 Course Menu from $139++

Experiential Dinner & Experiential Brunch
8 Course Menu from $189++

There are Vegetarian & Non-Vegetarian options. It doesn’t serve beef & pork. You can specify your dietary restrictions & allergies when you make your reservation.

Ammakase has Wine / Whisky / Cocktail Pairing options too.

It can customise menus & packages for big group bookings. There is a Private Dining Room which can accommodate 22 people. The entire restaurant booking can accommodate 50 people.


Ammakase pays homage to the depth and diversity of Indian cuisine. It is a culinary adventure where tradition meets innovation, and every bite is a revelation.

Main Dining Area
ammakase’s main dining area is designed to provide a luxurious and comfortable ambiance for guests. It reflects a blend of modern aesthetics and traditional Indian elements to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Chefs Table
At ammakase ‘s Chef’s Table, diners are treated to a rare and intimate culinary experience, transcending the traditional boundaries between chefs and guests. Positioned strategically for optimal viewing, the Chef’s Table offers patrons a front-row seat to the culinary spectacle unfolding in the preparation area.

Private VIP Rooms
ammakase caters to discerning guests by offering private VIP rooms. These rooms are designed for an intimate and quiet setting, making them ideal for special occasions. They are also versatile enough to host private dining events and corporate gatherings, providing a sense of exclusivity and privacy.


Wine Programme

ammakase’s wine program is designed to complement the rich and diverse flavours of Indian cuisine. It features an extensive selection of wines from across the globe, carefully curated to pair perfectly with the restaurant’s dishes. The wine list will include options ranging from crisp whites to full-bodied reds, as well as sparkling and dessert wines, providing a wide spectrum to cater to various preferences.

Spirits Selection
The spirits program at amm?kase is a fusion of Asian and global selections. For those seeking a spirited experience, amm?kase offers a captivating selection of spirits, including rare Indian whiskies and international favourites. These carefully chosen libations provide an extraordinary complement to our modern Indian cuisine, whether enjoyed on their own or as part of a crafted cocktail.

Handcrafted Cocktails
In the spirit of innovation, amm?kase introduces a bespoke cocktail programme that mirrors the creativity of the brand. Its mixologists have crafted unique cocktails that not only pay homage to the diverse regions of India but also infuse the essence of the culinary creations. Expect to embark on a sensory journey through inspired concoctions that reflect the bold, vibrant flavours of the menu.

Bespoke Coffee & Tea Programme
ammakase’s commitment to offering a complete dining experience extends to its tea and coffee programme. The restaurant will feature a bespoke selection of teas sourced from various regions, each chosen for its distinct characteristics and quality. Additionally, the coffee programme will showcase single-origin coffee beans, expertly roasted and brewed to perfection.


Abhijit Saha, Executive Chef

Chef Saha’s award-winning restaurants include Caperberry(UB City), Fava(UB City) & Café Cassia(Cinnamon Boutique, Ulsoor) in Bangalore & Saha in Singapore. As guest judge of MasterChef India 2016 and with over 32 years of national and international experience, he has been awarded ‘Chef of the year’ by Times Food Awards, 2016 and ‘Best Chef of India’ at the Indian Restaurant Congress, 2013.

Chef Saha has participated as Guest Chef & Speaker at TedX, ‘World of Flavours’ Conferences in Culinary Institute of America 2004, 2005 & 2007), Gourmet Abu Dhabi(2012), World Gourmet Summit Singapore (2015 & 2016), Times Literature Festival Mumbai, Food For Thought Fest New Delhi & IFCA National Congress across the country.

Regarded fondly as the “Forever Young Chef” he enjoys F1 Racing, Wines, Travel, Architecture, Design and Photography.

Shamini Suppiah, Brand Ambassador

Shamini has been helming her team to create and execute one of the best races in the Formula 1 calender and has been able to sustain the title ‘a must attend race for all racing fans’ since 2011. In this role she is also a part of the team that decides on the menu and beverage that has to be served to the 10,000 strong International high-end hospitality guests that attend the race every year.

Previously, Shamini had spent 11 years at the Ritz-Carlton Millenia enlivening the senses, instilling well-being and fulfilling even the unexpressed wishes and needs of guests with her extensive knowledge of F&B.

Planned and executed events for VVIPs like Narendra Modi, Atal Behari Vajpayee, American President Bill Clinton, American President George Bush, Minister for Law Prof S Jayakmar and President SR Nathan.

Email : [email protected]

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