What’s your #Deliverootine?

Food delivery might be one of the favourite inventions for foodie Singaporeans, who can now satisfy their cravings from the comfort of their homes at a click of a button. There is really no need for an occasion to order food delivery – a recent survey conducted by Deliveroo found that more than 80% of Singaporeans turn to Deliveroo for the convenience when they are too busy or lazy to step out for a meal.

With food delivery becoming part of our daily routines, Singaporeans have developed unique food ordering rituals to perfect their at-home dining experience. What are some of Singaporeans’ top rituals? Singapore’s most-loved food delivery service has conducted a survey with over 1,200 respondents to uncover Singaporeans’ most common food ordering habits, and the results saw four foodie personalities, or #Deliverootines, emerge:

What’s your #Deliverootine character?

Lobang Lucy aka ‘the discount hunter’
Always hunting for the best lobangs, your favourite word is “free”. Nothing tastes better than a delicious deal delivered right to your doorstep.

Deliveroo’s survey found that 42% of Singaporeans’ food orders are dependent on the latest deals and discounts they can find on the Deliveroo app – talk about frugal foodies!

Habitual Harry aka the ‘loyal customer’

Choosing what to eat never stresses you out because you already knew last night what you wanted to eat for lunch today. You’ve even scheduled your orders in advance!

More than half of the respondents look for something easy and familiar when ordering food delivery on Deliveroo – commonly sticking with their favourite few establishments for a fuss-free meal.

Indecisive Irene aka the ‘hang on, I’m still thinking!’

As with most things in life, such as picking a movie to watch, you spend hours scrolling to make the perfect selection – and then ask your best friend if you should order it.

While most Singaporeans spend 10 to 30 minutes deciding on their Deliveroo food order, 14% are Indecisive Irenes, who take more than half an hour to decide what to eat!

Adventurous Adam aka the ‘die die must try!’

You order in because you LOVE the convenience and the endless options for delivery. From Indian and Italian to Chinese cuisines, every day is a new adventure!

Apparently, most Singaporeans are not as open to trying new things as we think – only 5% of survey respondents live to try different cuisines.

Are you an Adventurous Adam up for the challenge?

Deliveroo Singapore has brought each personality to life, illustrating fun and quirky characters as part of a limited-edition sticker set. From 15 – 19 June, redeem a limited-edition #Deliverootine sticker set with food orders from Deliveroo Editions outlets, Deliveroo Editions Katong and Deliveroo Food Market at ALICE@MEDIAPOLIS, while stocks last. With only 250 sets available, don’t be an Indecisive Irene and order fast on Deliveroo!

* The data was collected via a survey by Deliveroo in Q1 2022, among 1,200 respondents in Singapore.

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