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Try Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness’ unique treatments for better pain relief outcomes

I stepped into the Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness clinic at Marina square aware that it is the first TCM clinic in Singapore that focuses on pain management. But I was curious to know how it differentiates itself from other TCM centres in the country.

From registered TCM Physician Sue Wan and the staff at Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness I quickly understood that it is special because of its proprietary integration of both Eastern and Western treatments and wellness solutions, which are jointly developed by Western pain specialists and TCM physicians.

The clinic seeks to achieve positive outcomes for patients using their own Yin-Yang concept – internal qi regulation (Yin) with the Western medical emphasis on external physical movement (Yang).

It also incorporates innovative medical technologies and modern medical diagnostic tools to enhance its therapy treatments, which are customised to the patient’s targeted area of concern.

Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness has developed its own pain assessment and pain relief methods incorporating different proceses.

For example, it has introduced the Skin Conductance Response (SCR) test, which is a scientific test that measures baseline and changes in skin conductance of a patient who is suffering from pain.

Patients undergo a five-minute test during consultation. Their skin resistance and sweat response to pain is captured and shown in a graphical presentation. Usually, after the third or fourth session of treatment, the test is conducted again. Through this objective method, the centre can track the progress of a patient in terms of his pain improvement level and adjust the treatment accordingly.

I opted for the Qi’Nergy Tuina method of pain relief treatment as I usually experience pain in the neck and lower back due to working for long hours in front of the computer.

At Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness, there are traditional therapies such as acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. But its TCM physicians and western pain specialists together have developed its signature Qi’Nergy Tuina treatement, which incorporates the best of eastern and western medical practices.

It became clear to me that Qi’Nergy Tuina is more than just a therapeutic massage. It promotes health through the clearing of Qi blockages and triggering of deep tissue healing.

As I relaxed under the deft finger work of the therapist, more about how Qi’Nergy Tuina works became apparent.

It combines the traditional tuina and acupressure massage with the Western methods of myofascial trigger point release and radiofrequency energy that helps improve blood circulation, relieve pain conditions and improve digestion.

The application of a higher frequency radio wavelength is effective in reducing acute swelling and higher penetration of inflamed tissues, resulting in better tension relief.

Physician Sue Wan told me that a lower frequency wavelength, along with the tuina massage, is effective in treating patients who experience chronic painful conditions as it allows deeper reparative healing without triggering muscle excitability.

My body was quite stiff. The therapist combined eastern pressure point massage, which promotes wellness by incorporating both meridian points and western myofascial release technique to treat tight fascia tissues, and radiofrequency energy to soothe away my pain and stiffness.

It was 45 minutes of hard pressing and sheer pleasure. The session also stimulated and detoxed my body and mind. I left the table refreshed and supple. My pains had eased considerably.

There are other treatments at Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness too, such as Herb Ionto, which is a unique treatment that uses a scientific process called Iontophoresis to deliver TCM benefits.

In this method, a gentle electric current is applied directly into a specially concocted herb solution to stimulate herb absorption through skin in the feet. The herbs are quickly circulated through transdermal delivery to promote healing and well-being.

Pain reduction varies from individual to individual, Physician Sue Wan told me. “It depends on the severity and length of time over which the condition has persisted,” she said. “We typically see our patients’ conditions improve after three or more treatment sessions.”

The treatment at Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness also helps alleviate stress, which is common during these Covid-19 conditions.

Its Qi’Nergy Tuina treatment technique involves unblocking the meridian acupoints to rebalance the body’s qi and stimulate blood flow for ache and tension relief.

The centre also employs Wellness Herb Ionto, where herbs are quickly circulated through transdermal delivery to promote healing and well-being. The treatment is carried out in a relaxing atmosphere where patients can rest and regain a sense of balance.

For patients recovering from Covid, strengthening immunity is important as people with strong immunity can recover from Covid-19 infection faster and are less prone to serious complications compared to those with a weak immune system.

The Qi’Nergy Tuina helps improve blood circulation in the meridians, thereby enhancing the organs’ health and body wellness. It also helps to improve sub-health conditions such as poor memory, fatigue, insomnia and stress.

The Herb Ionto treatment has a programme called Herb Ionto Immunity, where herbs and electric currents are used to help boost the immunity of patients against common viruses and bacteria.

For babies and children, its also has Paediatric Tuina, which helps strengthen immunity and support the recovery process from conditions such as Covid-19, influenza, chronic cough and fever due to vaccination.

Other services offered at the clinic include acupuncture, guasha, cupping and herbal medication.

Patients can choose from a menu of a-la-carte services or treatment bundles that combine a few services in a package. More information can be found at

Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness is the new TCM arm of medical pain care group, Singapore Paincare Holdings Limited. The new Marina Square TCM clinic is the Group’s first Singapore Paincare TCM Wellness branded clinic and forms part of a 2,347 sq ft integrated pain care centre, which also features Singapore Paincare’s “Ready Fit Physiotherapy” brand for post-treatment rehabilitation.

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